Monday, July 7

My guys

Busy times these past two weeks! Ryan scared us a bit with a stay in the hospital. All is fine now and he got excellent and thorough care. It's a scary thing to leave your best friend alone in the hospital just so you can get a good night's sleep! It's much easier to be the patient and I didn't like the tables being turned! When I left to go home one night, I had to laugh at the set up I'd created to keep him entertained for the evening. To soothe my conscience before leaving, I'd gotten him pizza from the outside world, snacks, water, juice, some movies to watch on the laptop - all he could need. I love my cute boy!

I didn't get to take in any fireworks last week because of the NRLC convention, but Ryan made sure he and the boys made it to the Antietam show again! We love the 4th of July in this house so it's not acceptable to miss celebrations and fireworks! This is just the cutest picture of my two boys who really are becoming such cute good friends! Am I one lucky gal or what?! I'm now 24 weeks along with our baby girl and feeling pretty good.

I can't think of what else has been happening around here other than that I'm behind on every front. Yet I feel so very blessed to have everything I have ever truly wanted in life. A fun little family that keeps life interesting and friends that remind me of my blessings!