Sunday, June 22

Sweet and Not-So-Sweet Moments

Enjoy last month's pictures of a windy Saturday afternoon spent flying our dragon kite.

And now enjoy a day in my life. McKay typically wakes up around 6am and wants up at 6:30. By this time he's usually woken up Easton who comes to tell us McKay wants out of the crib. Because Easton can get a box of cereal on his own and knows how to find their cartoons, it buys us some wake up time. This morning was no different until they came back up to see us with what looked like the remnants of chocolate ice cream all over their faces. ARGH!!! I was not looking forward to the inevitable mess downstairs. Had they taken the ice cream to the living room in front of the tv on the carpet and couches? Could I be hopeful that they kept it in the kitchen or would it be a trail from the kitchen to the living room?

I went downstairs and didn't see a thing in the living room. Sigh! I headed to the kitchen in dread only to be shocked! In a fabulous way! The melting container was sitting on the table with a couple drops of ice cream around it. That was it!!! Half of the half gallon was eaten, but they'd even put the lid back on it! I was a bit stumped because I didn't see any spoons anywhere and although their hands were covered, the ice cream itself didn't look like it'd been pawed. I chalked it up to a very blessed moment and went about my morning with the unresolved spoon issue in the back of my mind. It was all just too good to be true, ya know?

This weekend was Stake Conference. I dread the Sunday meeting with the boys because it's two hours long plus a half hour tacked on for getting early so we were in the pews and not on the hard chairs in the back. It's so much harder to corral the kids in the back! Luckily, we got a good seat and settled in. Ryan said it looked like I'd packed the entire toy box into my bag plus a variety of snacks which is pretty true. A gal's gotta be prepared with a multitude of options to redirect little boy energies!

Our session began at 1pm which is pretty horrible for a 2 yr old needing a nap. McKay did alright in the end but I just had to share a cute moment. First a little update on McKay. He's big into trying to engage us in conversations, even if it's just to say the same thing over and over and over. This is the phase where you feel like your name is being taken in vain it's repeated so many times for no apparent reason other than to hear it spoken aloud. Many times a day I feel like I'm going to go bonkers because if I don't acknowledge his initial, "Mom?", he'll keep saying it louder and louder til I answer. And then it's just the beginning of a repetitive conversation.

Anyhow, back to the cute moment. McKay was eating a graham cracker and in a bit of a silly mood. I was wearing this dress that has kind of an empire waist wrap around panel - hence, the panel covers the emerging baby belly. McKay patted my tummy and said, "Mom-mom, a baby 'ummy?" I said yes and he continued eating his cracker. Then he lifted the panel of the dress and placed the rest of his cracker under it on my tummy and said, "A baby c'acker. I share." I just had to laugh! But then he wouldn't knowingly let me remove the soggy edged cracker, of course, and would check on it now and then to see if it was gone. I'm not sure if he was checking to see if the baby could eat it from there or if he was just trying to keep me from removing it. Either way, what a cute kid sharing with his baby sister! You just never know what they understand at each age, but this was the first time McKay really seemed to get that there was a baby in there. Very fun!

After conference, we scrambled to get dinner ready for the missionaries. They were checking up on some goals we were setting and let us feed them. As I was looking for the drip pan for the griddle, I found the mysteriously missing spoons from the boys' chocolate ice cream breakfast feast. In a lower drawer, there were two chocolate covered spoons and some melted mess. Still such a minor mess it barely merits mention - but I was glad to have the mystery solved!!! HURRAY! Now I just wish I could now figure out the mystery behind having well behaved children when in public or when company is here. Aaaaack!!!

Another recent McKay-ism is his tattling. It's hard not to laugh at since he's so emphatic. If Easton does something to hurt him or that he doesn't like, he'll come running to say, "Mom-mom, Eas'on did dat!" and I'll often not have a clue what happened but a simple, "I'm sorry that happened, McKay" with a hug often does the trick. I especially have to laugh when Ryan or I tell him to stop doing something and he'll tearfully go tattle on us to the other parent! It's adorable and funny and we don't know how to make him stop or if we want him to just yet.