Saturday, June 21

You Saw the Bow, Huh?

We had our ultrasound and it's a GIRL! Bring on the pink! Finally I'll be able to decorate that yellow room for a girl which is what I anticipated when we moved into this place 3 1/2 yrs ago! HA! Who are we kidding, I am horribly indecisive about any type of decorating and am often paralyzed by what I envision vs. what I can afford. And shopping w/ a 4 and 2 yr old . . . instant paralysis, we just won't go there!

Alright - the morning of was true to form - CRAZY! I misread the directions on the back of the ultrasound referral and took us to the wrong building, Ryan and kids in tow. We would have been on time had it not been for this teensy little error. Since we'd driven separate so he could head off to work afterwards, Ryan sent me off ahead alone but he forgot to remember the building and suite number of the place. As it turned out, it worked out perfectly for me because they do so much measuring of all the baby's parts now that it is a rather long appointment. And we know how well toddlers do in small, confined spaces for any duration past 3 minutes spent opening and browsing every nook and cranny. PHEW! By the time Ryan got there with the boys, the technician had done almost all of the measuring and we just got to do the fun stuff like look at the profile face shots, watch the four chambers of the heart doing their thing, and count those fingers and toes. Thankfully, all is normal. Ryan was a bit exasperated by the time he got there, but the boys would have been bored to tears with anything longer than what they were there for.

I got to tell Ryan it's a girl and he was real excited. He's been wanting baby girls since we were first married because of all those adorable nieces of his. Easton didn't really have much of a reaction but having heard there's a baby girl in there asked the technician, "So you saw the bow on her head, huh?" We all had a good little laugh at that since I'd told the technician that's how Easton told me we'd know girl v boy. Due date is between Nov 2 and Nov 5.

Our baby girl was doing all sorts of acrobatics such that Easton kept insisting that she was moving around so much because she wanted to come out and play. We said she had to grow some more inside but he wasn't really buying it. Taking a 4 yr old to an ultrasound is truly a lot of fun! A 2 yr old, not so much, but not so bad with Ryan there to wrangle him!

We're thrilled to know more about our coming family attraction! My mom is excited to start envisioning the heirloom blessing dress she's going to make. She was throwing terms at me I mostly didn't have a clue about - tatting, smocking . . . I just know it will be beautiful and I'm excited to have such a neat keepsake. She will even embroider the baby's name and birthdate on the inside slip which we'll add more names and dates down the line. Very cool!

Let the name games begin! We've got some doozies in our family lines that probably won't be used, but they make us smile. Elfrieda, Talulah, Lucretia . . . but first, I gotta get those smelly camping clothes in the washer! We love to camp and couldn't let an 80/60 degree weather weekend in June pass us by uncamped!!! For those who haven't done a Virginia hot, humid summers where it literally doesn't cool off at night and there aren't any real mountains to escape to, this could very well be the last camping trip of the summer. Especially as I consider sleeping another night on a cot and those midnight potty runs! So glamorous - sorry to over share.