Friday, June 13

Lorry & David's Wedding

Two weeks ago, Ryan let me fly home to be at my sister's wedding. All ten Bare kids were able to make it home! To see the captions, click on the slide show. My fave pics are of the antler prank! A CLASSIC for dad and the Bare boys!

Lorry and David met and began dating at BYU-I a year and a half ago. He's close to getting his accounting degree and Lorry has 2 years left in Elementary Ed. The beautiful bride wore my wedding dress which mom had so wonderfully preserved! I really loved my dress so it was good to see it get some fresh air again!

I had not been to a temple wedding in awhile and wished Ryan could be there with me. I was a fish out of water without my best friend and the kiddos all weekend! Not sure what to do with myself! But the temple sealing ceremony was beautiful and reminded me how blessed I am to know that I can be with my Ryan for eternity and not just 'til death do us part!

This was the first time I got to meet two of my nieces, Edison and Emelia. My brother Chad's kids are so adorable and even splits when it comes to looking like him or Amber - Amazing! They know how to work a camera!

Two hours before the back yard reception was set to begin, a menacing little storm started with wind and light rain. This was a big deal because my family had worked really hard for two months getting the yard ready! Miraculously, about a half hour into the reception, the entire scene calmed down. I had said a fervent prayer up in my parents' room for it to somehow pass us by and was so touched by a few others at the reception who had taken the time to do the same. As we came to find out, the storm had split in two as it rolled through town with our house being in the calm zone. I'm no weather officianado, but I've never heard of this happening!