Friday, June 6

Cletus the Fetus?

I was telling Easton today in the car that we may find out next week if we're having a boy or a girl. He got a good giggle out of me by telling me how we'll know - very scientific! He said we'll know it's a girl because she'll have a bow on her head. A boy won't.

Then I started telling him that the doctor would be able to show us pictures of the baby inside my tummy. He reiterated we'd know by there being a bow or not in the pictures. I told him I thought the girls didn't get bows until they were born and he said that wasn't right.

There you have it, a four year old's explanation of discovering a baby in utero's gender. Either way, Uncle Tom, if it's a boy - he still won't be Cletus the Fetus. I'm sure Jenn and Torey would have given that name a fair shake if they weren't having a girl. Right, Jenn?