Monday, May 19

I'm White

As I got ready to hit "Publish Post", the title of this post made me laugh. Sounded like I'd just discovered my ethnicity or at the very least begun wearing shorts and winced at the ghastly state of my pale legs!

Nope, we're talking personality - the color code test. I've never taken the color test before, but as I started reading the book for this month's meeting, I knew I needed to find out so this book would make sense. We're reading the sequel to the "Color Code" called "Color Your Future".

I thought this was pretty interesting and it really did pin me on the nose with what I've come to find as some of my strengths and weaknesses. I'm now curious to have Ryan take it! You can take the 10 min test free online at If you do take it, let me know!

Do you think this fits the Tracie you know? I'm very curious!

WHITES are motivated by PEACE. They seek independence and require kindness. They resist confrontation at all costs. To them, feeling good is more important than being good. They are typically quiet by nature, process things very deeply and objectively with great clarity. Of all the colors, WHITES are the best listeners. They respect people who are direct but recoil from perceived hostility or verbal battle.

WHITES need their "alone time" and refuse to be controlled by others. WHITES want to do things their own way and in their own time. They ask little of others and resent others demanding much of them. WHITES are much stronger than people think, but are not often seen for their strength because they don't easily reveal their feelings. WHITES are even-tempered, diplomatic, and the voice of reason; but can also be indecisive, unexpressive, and silently stubborn. When others interact with you, as a WHITE you respond to them best if they are kind, accepting and supporting of your individuality, and if they look for non-verbal clues to understand your feelings.