Friday, May 16

Poppin' Out & Tootin' My Horn

Yup - it's that time! In recent weeks I've lost a little weight while under the weather and as any gal knows, fitting into your skinny pants is a big deal! I had reveled in it for a couple weeks now til Wednesday. The prego belly popped out Wednesday and I mean popped! I find it so amazing how suddenly it happens! I tried in vain to wear regular pants until today when I broke out the prego pants and what a relief!

It was brought to my attention, however, that I haven't really had to be big pregnant through a summer yet. Easton was born in late December and McKay in April. I think I've been in a bit of denial about this pregnancy being real til now. Some shopping may have to be in order!

Speaking of shopping, Easton has also outgrown all his summer clothes. A couple weeks ago I totally scored! I'm not a patient, consistent shopper. I try to stay away from shopping to avoid the temptation to spend money and stay on the budget. I wish I could say I was a dutiful yard sale officianado, but I avoid them too usually for the same reason - too much precious junk for a deal. But I thought I'd give it one good try to get Easton some summer clothes. Yup, just one try - there's my lack of patience for ya.

I set out one Saturday morning and hit a community yard sale and struck out or so I thought! I stopped at a friend's house who regularly holds yard sales. While there, another yard saler overheard me say what I was up to. She told me of a couple good ones to hit and it was the jackpot! I believe I found 10 outfits and a few spare parts for $25! It was FABULOUS! This lady with one son had shirts 4/$1 and shorts 2/$1 and they were in good shape, some even new and unworn! All I can say is prayers are answered for real, even on what seems like trivial little things.

I shouldn't say it that way. I know that as I typed it just now. In reality, it was a big deal to me. Our family had a need. I'd had the thought in my prayers, yet not as earnestly as I probably should and could have. I know my Father in Heaven hears and answers prayers, knows my needs and inner pleadings even when unspoken. And this time, over a small seemingly insignificant thing, He chose to show me again that this is true. It's one of the truest things I know. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost reminding me now of how I felt as I drove home that morning with evidence of an answered prayer.