Friday, May 16

Take Me Out To the Ball Game

Ryan loves following the Boston Red Sox baseball team, especially seeing a live game! He got his chance this week and had me in tow. The Red Soxs played the Baltimore Orioles this past week and there was a good chance Manny Ramirez could hit his 500th home run - or at least Ryan thought so when he got some last minute tickets.

It was a fun game to see even though the Red Soxs lost and Manny didn't get the 500. Our seats were front row behind the left outfield - which is Manny Ramirez's position. He's known for his batting and "Manny being Manny" silly antics now and again, but not his defense. So it was quite a fun surprise to see him snag an amazing catch, finish stride by hopping up the wall to high five a fan, land and throw in field to complete a double play! The play made all the news clips of baseball game coverage that night. So did the O's Payton's grand slam. The Sox never recovered.

The best part of watching post game coverage that night at home was the clips of Manny watching his double play replayed on monitors in the dug out. He was like a high school kid yuckin' it up with all his buddies! Boys will be boys!

Going to the game with Ryan let me enjoy my man being a boy too - something I truly enjoy. Ryan was giddy like a school boy with a big grin as we walked into the park, he downed that ballpark food in a flash, and just loved seeing his team up close! I was so glad we brought a walkman so I could listen to the game commentators for a bit since I'm not up on my baseball trivia or the players. It made the game a lot more interesting to me and I can say I actually do enjoy the game now! We'll see if it ever translates to having our boys play - hard to compete with the economy and game activity of soccer, my native sport.

Next week we'll head to the new National's state of the art stadium - too bad they're still in the painful "building" phase of their team game!