Thursday, July 17

How Do YOU Eat Pizza?

Last night we went to our favorite pizza place with the boys. It was a perfect summer evening with a slight breeze and hardly any humidity! This entry was inspired by this picture of Easton. How could I not post this?! He picks all the meat off his pizza and then goes for the cheese. This was just too classic! When all the cheese is gone, he finally eats the crust. It reminds me of watching my sister Brooks dissect her food and a Bare family tradition of giving her a hard time about it! Easton only likes cheese on his pizza and always demands he wants pizza without "food" on it, ie. any meat or other toppings besides cheese.

McKay, on the other hand, devours the meat first and then chows on the rest of the pizza. He downed two pieces of pizza, extra meat, and even a wedge with our favorite bubbling spinach cheese dip. This kid can eat! One time we ate here, we had to literally wait while McKay finished and he was not budging until he ate everything he wanted to -- which was particularly the meat!

After dinner, we had fun exploring Morven Park and the amazing homes on Old Waterford Road. Such beautiful scenic wooded areas only a few miles from our door! I LOVE VIRGINIA!