Tuesday, February 5

Introducing The Flying Oatmeal!

No this isn't another post about McKay and flying breakfast foods being banned from our kitchen. McKay is past that lovely phase - HALLELUJAH!

Easton is the star of this post! For Christmas, my mom sent Easton a great little book, "The Super Hero Starter Kit: Saving the World Made Simple." For weeks now, whenever I've asked Easton if we could read the book and make him a super hero, he'd say, "I'm not ready for that yet." What???!!! Well, today happened to be the day!

The book is a step-by-step guide on wearing capes, masks, and wrist guards (all provided w/ the book) followed by creating your name/identity, emblem, and learning the do's & don'ts of being a super hero. It was pretty darn cute! I was quite surprised by Easton's exactness and "style" sensitivity. He chose the most superhero-ish mask, emblem, and wrist guards that all matched and looked quite Captain America!Easton's favorite part of the book was the Do's and Dont's lists. He literally couldn't stop giggling over the "Don't tuck your cape into your underwear. Let it FLOW!" He even had Ryan read that one again tonight close to bedtime while laughing his head off! A close second, "Don't sneeze into your cape - it's just gross!"

When we got to the part about choosing your identity, Easton was actually quite quick to choose his name! After watching "The Incredibles" over and over in the past few months, when Easton felt like being a super hero, he'd start to refer to himself as Super Easton and I was Super Mommy . . . so I was a little surprised when Easton chose "The Flying Oatmeal" for his super identity.Where did that come from? Thank you Noggin, Moose A. Moose, and the power of suggestion! Easton loves cartoons. His favorite cartoon channel is Noggin and part of the reason he likes it is the cute little seasonal songs Moose A. Moose sings. For instance, the Moose sang a cute ditty at Christmas where all the Moose wanted for Christmas was a candy cane. So what did Easton want for Christmas? A train like his friend Owen's and a candy cane! The power of suggestion!

For the past few weeks Easton has suggested Oatmeal for every meal when asked what he wants. Since the suggestion was out of the blue, I should have clued in. When I've made oatmeal for breakfast, he cries and whines that he doesn't like it?! Needless to say, I've been quite confused! Because of the persistent nature of his requests, I've figured out the Moose must have sung a song about it. Anyone heard it to back me up? Easton does love Cream of Wheat and will down a couple bowls of it so I think that's where we'll go with that end. But oatmeal? Thanks a lot Moose A. Moose!

After the post-dinner spastic energy kick (do your kids do that too?), Easton started to complain his ankle hurt. Ryan said, "Maybe a cookie will help it feel better."

Easton, in a very pitiful pouty voice,"Okay, I want a cookie right now."

After the cookie, Easton looked at me very seriously and said, "Mom, I think the cookie worked." That's my boy! (It didn't work really, he still couldn't run on it tonight which I'm pretty sure is due to his crazy jumps/hard falls from his super hero stunts.)

Now lest you think I'm a real super mom, I have a confession to make. These activities were more an attempt to stave off feelings of not-so-stellar mothering/homefront executive. I often find it exasperating that I have to choose hourly between having a clean house running like a tight ship or being a fun, engaging mom to my boys. Yesterday I did neither! I indulged in watching all the Saturday coverage of Pres Hinckley's funeral and the Monday press conference announcing the new prophet and First Presidency - don't forget those LDS pundits now! Who knew?! Loved it all, cried lots, and topped it off with a PBS Jane Austen movie. And what did I eat? Even better! Cool Ranch Doritos and leftover Texas Sheet Cake - now that's a Monday! (Yes, I know it wasn't gluten-free, but a girl's gotta have a day off now and then!)