Friday, January 18

Bigtime Snow & A Power Outage

For our folks - click on the slideshow to see it bigger and/or to be able to download the pictures.

While McKay slept all snug in his bed, Easton got Ryan and I outside in the snow! Ryan and Easton made a fun snowman courtesy of Jacki’s snowman costume in a box. We borrowed our neighbor’s sled and Easton got in some good runs before saying to Ryan, “We got cold on this freezy day. We should go home and have some hot cocoa. I want hot cocoa wit’ mushmo’s.” What a riot! His favorite thing to say when we’re goofing off is, “We are a silly fam’we!” Just kills me!

It was so great that Ryan's boss sent everyone home early to avoid the bad traffic and road conditions! We got to enjoy him all afternoon and it was even more wonderful once the power went out for many hours! The boys LOVED the lit candles, but we just couldn't convince them not to blow them out. McKay shrieked with joy each time one was lit - he loves loud noises and anything startling! So different from Easton. Luckily, Ryan found our camping lantern so we had dependable, bright light. Ryan and Easton played games on his iPhone while McKay puttered around playing with anything he found. I got a short nap on the couch til McKay decided I was done. Then it was time for bed but the boys had other plans!

It just so happened that a truck came through to plough our neighborhood at that moment so we watched it do it's work. Easton was real worried the driver would hit the cars. Then the boys enjoyed bouncing on the big bed while we all played. What a fun day together!!!

To catch up with the boys . . .
McKay is really growing up although I still call him my Baby K! He is my big eater hands down! This boy loves him some meat! On Christmas day, I made our new favorite – a roast in the crockpot with salsa and jalepenos that I put over chips, cover in cheese and bake. Then we dip those nachos in sour cream, fresh salsa and guacamole! YUM! Anyhow, back to McKay  On Christmas day, after I shredded the meat, McKay pulled a chair over to the counter with the crockpot and just helped himself! At one point, he must have decided to be civilized and actually found himself a fork to chow down with. This kid loves guacamole, salsa, BBQ sauce - anything we dip stuff in. He does the greatest flinch and shriek after drinking any soda Ryan happens to have and then begs for more. He loves yogurt and a little dry cereal at breakfast while Easton requires cereal and milk or heads will roll. McKay also loves spicy food - the kids loves flavor, what can we say!

These little guys daily challenge my patience and brain power and I’m realizing they require different parenting techniques/approaches! I’m learning so much from them! McKay is the strong-willed, snuggler of a people-person. A day in the office recently found him walking by peoples’ offices and waving at his fans. Easton, on the other hand, will say hi when asked if he has to, usually but not always. He takes his time adjusting to new situations and is very curious about the world around him. He loves his computer games, refuses meals if given the opportunity, and will only stop playing to run to the bathroom! He loves his Hooked on Phonics games, thank goodness. Luckily he’s loving active games like soccer, tag, bouncing, or wrestling.

Easton is very sensitive and I have to pick my battles moment by moment. For instance, today I asked him to put his shoes and socks on so we could leave. Since we weren’t going somewhere he wanted to go, it was a whine/cry fest even though I gave him a full 30 minutes to do it on his own time. It didn’t help that McKay was teasing him, whacking him on the head whenever I left the room. I was literally walking McKay out the door before Easton finished putting his shoes and socks on. I really have to think ahead and decide how to present and frame anything before asking Easton if I want his “support.” Contrast the morning shoe incident with this afternoon, when Easton wanted to go outside to play in the snow. We just had to mention that shoes and socks had to be on before we’d go. He was ready in a flash! Funny kid but completely characteristic of his age I hear.