Tuesday, February 19

Cars, Basements, and Growth Spurts!

As I write, the boys each have their Matchbox cars of Lightning McQueen on their "race track". Our townhome has a low separation wall between the dining and living rooms which Easton calls his race track. McKay can't reach it unless he stands on the couch, so he has his designated end of the "track." Easton runs back and forth and tonight they're playing "Ghostlight" from the Cars movie where Mater is scared of the prank Ghostlight.

The boys are in an intense car phase right now. A real welcome recent change of pace. They each must have their own Lightning McQueen at all times. I insist they leave them in the car when we go places but they cry if we have to leave them at the house. McKay is the more vocal objector leaving his car at home. Easton has to have the Lightning with no "ouchies" or scratch marks, but the rough way he hurdles them across the floor means neither are winning any beauty contests soon!

I actually really enjoy this phase because they're actively playing together and engaging in imaginary play. Much better than the whining for a cartoon or computer game! We all know that's huge! And such a welcome activity in the midst of winter when playing outside can't happen enough! Easton can play forever this way, but McKay usually upgrades to his hummers because he can run atop/behind them making their windup sound.

A couple weeks ago we moved the TV downstairs. It amazes me that the boys quickly figured out how to make it their own down there. I'm a bit conflicted about it, actually. The first week it was down there, Easton would wake up early each morning to play with the remote and figure it all out. Such is his way we've figured out! He liked to play the games on the bonus dvds. I am soooo not a video gamer so have very little appreciation for it. I hate how my body tenses up when I even watch someone play. I am so easily frustrated by all the buttons that 2 yr olds understand more than me! Perhaps I never gave them a chance, but it's just never been my thing.

At this point in my writing, the boys have headed downstairs and I can hear "The Incredibles" playing. Since moving the tv down there, for the first time ever, the boys will both just head downstairs when asked to go play. McKay has been heading down alone for months now just to play with the toys and especially since Christmas with the new train set. Easton knows how to put a dvd on of his choosing (which he actually prefers the previews to the actual movies). But then they just play down there with the movie on in the background til they get tuckered out. McKay plays with just about everything like its his own circuit gym - the GeoTrax train system, the mega blocks, the Little People farm and garage while Easton's more about the swivel office chair, jumping off or hiding behind the couch, and kid house and tunnels. They entertain themselves so well for so long, it's really quite easy for me to get a lot done, but too easy to forget to engage them. Oh yes, and it usually takes at least a half hour before a fight ever happens, if it does at all! I should just enjoy this new guilty pleasure and be grateful, right?

For the past few months, McKay is really into light switches and doors which he can now reach for the most part. He can't quite open the doors yet, but he sure practices daily and my favorite is when he moves a stool over in front of the door and is able to open it. However, he's then screaming in frustration because his stool is blocking his getaway! The best was when he first started moving things to stand on to reach stuff. He would even take a little book over to the light switch, stand on it, and be upset because he still couldn't quite reach the switch. As if standing on anything would miraculously help him reach. He now understands heights a bit better.

McKay loves to stretch up to close the door to the basement and put on a "good bye" show. He'll say bye-by, ciao!, wuv you, see ya, 'eek-a-woo (peek a boo) and anything else with a wave before shutting the door but you must be paying attention to the whole show or he'll get a bit upset with you. If you give him too much attention, the show starts over and over with mock door closings. What a character! McKay is really into conversating lately. He'll jabber on a whole sentence or two to tell you something, complete with all the adorable facial expressions that show he means what he says! Easton has finally accepted that we don't have to understand McKay's jabbering, but we have to acknowledge him and act like we do.

The past few weeks have been what I call a prep for a growth spurt. Easton, primarily, has been hungry all day long and will eat just about anything until dinner where he's more picky. Last week, for instance, he got the 1 lb bag of carrots out of the fridge and took it downstairs while he watched a movie during quiet time. He polished off the entire bag! I don't know if carrot overdose is a problem, anyone know? I'd taken a bag of carrots to Stake Conference as part of my bag of tricks to keep them entertained during a longer meeting. Easton ate the entire baggie of carrots, a baggie of Cheerios, quite a bit of water, and was still hungry! Aaack! The boys also clamor for apples and oranges during the day too. We've been kinda winding down the last couple days with the intense eating - thank goodness!

We discovered that Easton likes his eggs better like Dad's - sunny side up a little runny, rather than scrambled like me. McKay will eat them either way, but he prefers the bacon! We have to hold the bacon on reserve til they've eaten most of the eggs, otherwise it's all about the bacon and eggs don't get touched. We've had quite a lot of eggs around here lately while Ryan did his South Beach diet for a bit. He's thinking of doing the Country Music marathon in Nashville at the end of April with a friend. So I guess he's been bit by the marathon bug. He says it's just temporary til his body gives out, but we'll see!