Sunday, February 24

Irreverent Games

I know I've already shared our tactic to get Easton involved in our family prayers. So tonight again we engaged in our eeny-meeny-miney-moe game, but to Easton's surprise, it ended on him despite his own engineering! A regular meltdown ensued and we had to coax and comfort him once again into saying the prayer and what he might want to speak to Heavenly Father about tonight. Needless to say, with such focus on Easton most of the time for this ritual, we haven't quite zeroed in on McKay's prayer behavior yet. It was very evident tonight as Ryan and I both lost it in fits of giggles over McKay while Easton earnestly said his prayer seemingly oblivious to the mayhem.

I'm sure you understand we were laughing our heads off at McKay so you're probably wondering what he was doing, eh? We're gettin' there, I promise! As we knelt in prayer together we invited McKay to join us as always, but he didn't really take us up on the offer. (We don't make him kneel w/ us yet so he won't associate being forced to do something with saying prayers - it's a parenting tactic we're working on learning when and how to use. Thank goodness we get to try all sorts of tactics when they're young and don't remember, right?!)

Anyhow, so we're kneeling and Easton's saying the prayer! I hear McKay nearby and he starts playing Duck, Duck Goose with us all heads bowed and kneeling. He hollers Goose! and takes off toward the front door with gusto. Ryan lost it first and just couldn't recover! I lost it hearing Ryan bust up and not being able to compose himself!

Before the prayer, we'd all been pretty rowdy hollering and wrestling. It's pretty much one of our other evening rituals with the boys. McKay's new favorite game is to "ROAR" and be roared at! Ryan can really let it go and for some reason lots of kids love having someone roar REAL loud right in their face. My boys love this game and it has been discovered that most nursery age kids really do too!

During this play, McKay really got Ryan going in fits of laughter because McKay would get right in Ryan's face and sometimes just plant a big kiss, grabbing Ryan's face and pulling him into it even. This kid kills us! He is one big love bug! I got thinking about this part of him today because he loves to just press in close cheek to cheek and stay there! He was doing it today at church as he watched some of our friends' kids sitting behind us and I just loved it up!

We love our McKay for the sheer joy he brings, even just with his smiling eyes and a big grin! It's just so fun to see his personality really developing as he tries new things on us!