Tuesday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

We had a fabulous, simple Christmas morning. I'm trying a new slideshow above to see how I like it. Mixed feelings about seeing the comments - what's your opinion?

I was up early w/ my current routine so the tree was lit up, candles burning, rolls cooking, and Christmas music playing when everyone woke up. Ryan loves to have the "ambiance" just right and has high expectations of Christmas mornings which I'm still learning. Last year Ryan created the Christmas feeling and did a wonderful job so I tried my best this time and let him sleep in. I think I might need a checklist for future years' reference.

Everyone seems very pleased with their gifts and we've been eating all morning! We made my mom's caramel rolls, bacon, scrambled eggs w/ sausage-cheese-spinach, Nancy's cheese ball and Tricuit thin crisps (new fave cracker!), Moosemunch, See's, and Applets & Cotlets (Ryan's the only one who eats them!). Ahhhhh, we love ourselves some food and snacks!!!

The boys are happily playing in the basement right now with their train set. What a great thing! McKay is actually the one who heads to the basement to play on his own more than Easton. Easton has to be reminded that there's a world beyond his 'Cars' computer game and his favorite cartoons. I gotta get Ryan to set the trampoline bed again - he'd taken it down in anticipation of an ice storm we were supposed to have gotten a little ways back. He takes such good care of us!

Merry Christmas!