Monday, December 24

Santa's Early Housecall

We have a wonderful master carpenter friend who watches over our family. He outfitted a train table and sliding storage boxes for the boys and just had to be Santa to our delight! Ryan let us know that Santa had to come early because it was such a hefty thing to fit down the chimney with all the other house calls Santa will be making tonight.

The boys absolutely loved their visit with Santa. Easton was like a jumping bean and at one point when asked why he was literally hopping for joy he said it was because he was so excited Santa was here! The boys really enjoyed playing with the meager train set we have, but it was perfect for them and McKay actually helped build it! He's quite particular about how he wants things already and since it was close to bedtime, he was a little more vocal in expressing his opinions - especially when Easton wanted him to share a train or two with him.

Before putting the boys to bed, I was able to sit down and share a beautifully illustrated "The Night Before Christmas" storybook with the boys. I'm so excited about this! I was so excited about the poem and great illustrations, but Easton had a million questions which threw off my flow! I hesitantly surrendered and we had a fun chat about every detail. We only made it halfway through before he was up and hopping away, McKay was long gone after the second page. Ahhh, it's a start!

Ryan did a bit of baking yesterday and we had a fabulous laid back day enjoying my brother Chris and his wonderful wife Tricia. We always have a great time hanging out with them but this was the first time we felt like we got to just enjoy them without a lot of extra stuff going on. Ryan made his mom's German barbeque roast recipe with the ultimate gravy, fluffy mashed potatoes and corn. It was so fun to eat with just them and have the boys napping! Meals without kids are just so enjoyable now and then!

On Saturday evening, Ryan got to hear fellow pie lovers sing his praises. He's never really experienced that aside from me and his Mom's adoration which is great, but from others it seemed slightly more delightful. And since Ryan's usually at work when people pick up his pies and turtles, he just doesn't get to see all the fun like when Yvonne just asked for a spoon upon arrival so she could dig in to her fave key lime! But to hear Marci and Samantha gushing was just classic fun. He loved that they love the pies for the same reasons he does. We love kindred spirits! And I relish seeing my husband's talents appreciated and see him enjoy his own kind of labor of love.