Thursday, December 27

Of Cars and Bob the Builder

Easton has had a few funny moments this week that gave us the chuckles!

Story #1
Easton has a favorite computer racing game with the cast of Disney Pixar's "Cars." The cars holler at each other on the road and frequently bump into one another all in fun, mind you. Then picture me and Ryan taking the boys on a little shopping trip down to the outlet mall to find Ryan some new black shoes for work. It was a bit congested in the aisles and I had McKay in a stroller but Ryan had gone down to the opposite end of the aisle to sit and try shoes on.

I gave Easton a box of shoes and told him to take it down to Ryan and was surprised he was a very willing helper. The next moment I hear Easton holler,"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" to some unsuspecting man with his back to Easton as he looks for shoes. Completely startled and astonished, not sure how to react to this little rude boy, the man moves aside very flustered as I turn red and profusely apologize. Easton is already gone and has found Ryan so I couldn't get him "in the moment". I hightailed it out of there with McKay real fast. We find Ryan and I call Easton over to me to have a lil' heart to heart. Ryan is half listening but just busts a gut as I tell Easton that yelling "Get out of my way" should rather be, "Excuse me, please." I think Easton got the point of the little chat, but Ryan and I are still laughing about it!

Story #2
To preface, you have to know that when Santa came for his early visit on Sunday to bring the train table, Santa told Easton that he and Bob the Builder had made the train table especially for the boys. Easton, of course, absorbed that little tidbit of information and it made perfect sense to him.

Today Ryan was home with the boys while I got a day out to myself to be a total girl and shop (it was simply fabulous!!!). The guys on the homefront decided to have Mac'n'cheese but then Ryan told Easton we didn't have any in the cupboards.

Easton said, "Well Santa can bring it to us."

Ryan said, "No, Christmas is over and Santa is back at the North Pole resting from all his work."

Easton thought about it and then countered, "Well . . . Santa Clause and Bob the Builder can make it and bring it to us." There you have it. Easton knows his Santa can do anything with Bob the Builder!

Ryan had no comment but to wait for me to get home so he could share it! Luckily, there was some Mac'n'Cheese in the basement food storage - PHEW!