Sunday, October 7

Come To Me

We're enjoying sessions of our church's semi-annual General Conference. I love this opportunity to spend time at home with my family and re-focus my life as we listen to the prophet and leaders of the church. It doesn't get better than this!

This morning, I had a little light bulb experience. Almost 18 months old now, McKay was trying to pile up some pillows to collapse into. He became frustrated and began throwing a mild tantrum about it not working out the way he wanted. I was watching him do all of this from the comfy sidelines of the couch, letting him figure it all out for himself.

My mommy instinct kicked in and I called to him. He picked up his head, ran to me and we snuggled on the couch. A little later I was playing with the boys in the basement and I got to thinking of that moment upstairs.

The thought occurred to me that Heavenly Father is always there beckoning to me to Come to Him in the midst of my ups and downs. How often I struggle on my own and become consumed in a tantrum of sorts frustrated at my own inabilities to accomplish things on my own according to my own agenda. How often I've been reminded by the Holy Ghost that our Heavenly Father is ever extending His arms to me.

I was still thinking about this little lesson as this morning's conference session began with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing an arrangement of one of my all-time children's songbook favorites "A Child's Prayer". [Click here to listen]

This song is very dear to me. It took me back to the horrible time when I was so upset about not being able to nurse Easton because I'd become really sick. Easton was only six weeks old and he couldn't have the medication I needed to get well. I was listening to the children's songbook cds as this song came on and it was once again one of those times I felt washed over with my Heavenly Father's love and awareness of my little trial.