Sunday, September 30

YEAH for ME!

I'm on day 14 of 21 on my "cleanse" program. It's been an effort to naturally heal my ulcers without going back on another round of steroids. The alternative to trying this natural route was ramp up to the next medication and be done having kids. YIKES!

This weekend marked a huge personal victory for me! For a whole 2 1/2 days now I've been symptom free of ulcers!!! This is the first time EVER in 9 years to do this without steroids and all their side effects. A really HUGE deal for me!!! Monumental, really and I had to make a few shout-out calls to celebrate and let others bask in my sheer joy! Being symptom free opens up so many possibilities in my daily life, it's hard to express. YEAH FOR ME!!!

The diet has had its ups and downs but the high points far outweigh the hard times. I've realized my greatest motivator for sticking with the diet in those really tempting moments hasn't been my health, having more kids - but the fact that I PAID a significant amount of money to do this cleanse diet. Hmmm . . . very enlightening!

This past week was wonderful diet-wise because I was able to add lean meats and eggs! Hurray, some flavor finally! The first week was just the protein shakes and fresh fruits and veggies. I'm so grateful to my new doctor who talked me through a rough weekend when things weren't looking so good! She ROCKS!

Aloe Life juice seems to have been instrumental in my turn around. Just as Aloe helps soothe skin after a bad sunburn, it helps heal bodies internally as well! Who knew?

The greatest benefit of this diet has been stable, sustainable levels of energy each day. It's been remarkable! Not being hungry between meals is a great bonus as I learn the right amounts of good fats, proteins and carbs that will satiate me til the next meal. And to tell the truth, loosing a bit of weight wasn't all that bad either!

I've realized that as a high school athlete, I developed a warped sense of what foods to load up on each day. I haven't been an athlete in quite some time, so some big changes are way overdue!

I've been researching all sorts of gluten-free, dairy-free cooking websites and learning more about making yummy, healthier food for our family. It's about time I learn to eat right! We'll see in the coming weeks if this is really the route I have to take to keep me healthy, but I'm all about preparing myself for what's coming next.