Thursday, September 27


This morning I was happily getting us all ready to head out the door for institute (scripture study class). Ryan was working from home this morning so the boys weren't totally on their own while I was getting ready. Two toddlers having free reign is never good for long and McKay . . . ahhh, McKay.

I had 20 minutes to get out the door and everything was going great on my little "schedule" for the morning. All I had to do was get dressed and dry my hair. A friend stopped by so I got a little derailed then I hear a crash downstairs followed by Ryan's forceful voice disciplining the guilty party.

I finish up my call quick and Ryan says, "Tracie, come down here." I sheepishly hedged, "I don't want to." We went back and forth as I came down. I thought it couldn't be good, but probably not much beyond McKay's ordinary daily breakfast tossing - or so I thought.

I had a moment of panic as I saw big splashes of red on the dining and living room carpet. I thought it was blood at first, but Ryan wasn't in emergency mode. It was spaghetti sauce. McKay had dropped a glass jar of it in the entry way where it broke, but he quickly proceeded with it through the dining room to the living room. Ryan was furious! I was more upset that it was going to make me late for institute but was so happy Ryan was there to help clean it up with me because I just might still make it there. McKay's messes are daily events at least 3 times per day with meals, but it's always interesting to see someone else in a patience crisis and have the ver and each time I get a new test of "patience practicum."

Miraculously the jar had stayed intact, but had a nickle-sized hole on a top edge which had let big drops of sauce splatter on the carpet.