Wednesday, August 15

Threes Tag

My friend Samantha "tagged" me to do a list of threes on my blog which is good because I needed to get a post done, but have been thinking in too many directions to sit down and write a good post. Here goes thinking of myself in 3's:

3 Reasons To Love 3:
Easton's comment or answer to any stranger's question - "I'm phree" w/ fingers
Ingredients for easy caramel corn - butter, brown sugar, marshmellows! (plus popcorn)
Number of laptops now in our home: mine, Ryan's, and an old one that Easton plays on

3 Things I Love:
Sound of my kids laughing and playing together in another room
Ryan laughing at his own joke, singing, or a silly commercial on tv
McDonald's caramel sundae w/ nuts!

3 Things I Miss:
Seeing my fun, amazing siblings and parents grow up so far away
My Copa Cabana girl chats & laughs!
My pre-pregnancy/kids body

3 People Who Make Me Laugh:
My boys (Ryan included)
My sister Brooks is HILARIOUS! "Is that Old Navy?!"
Janelle Washington

3 Things That Scare Me:
The dark
Scary movies - I'm the jumpiest person alive!
Flying or jumping bugs

3 Things On My Desk:
Pile of papers to sort

3 Things I Still Want To Do In Life:
Go on a mission
See my kids married in the temple and give me lots of grandkids
Decorate my home to reflect my taste and personality

3 Things I Can Do:
Make a mean pancake in the shape of an E
Coordinate a print job for work, babysit a friend's son, and be visit taught in a morning
Make my boys laugh with reckless abandon

3 Things I Can't Do:
Keep the floor beneath McKay's chair clean! ACK!!! Oatmeal is currently banned from our breakfast menu!
Sew on my mom's sewing machine - it hates me and is possessed!
Act and/or sing on stage - YIKES!!!

3 Things I Regret:
Not being the scriptorian I envisioned by 30
Not taking charge of my health sooner
Not keeping up with my siblings more regularly

3 Favorite TV Shows From Childhood:
Cosby Show
A Team
Rescue Rangers (4th & 5th grade - big time!)

3 People I Tag With This Blog: