Thursday, August 9

Proposals and Pillows

Ever run out of gas on a busy street during rush hour waiting for a light to turn green with kids in the car, and fretting about running late for a youth activity featuring you as a panel member? You have!? Me too! That was me yesterday at 6:20pm going crazy! I'd picked up Easton from the sitter on my way home from being down in DC for a day of work training. I called Ryan in a panic who told me calmly to wait for the next green light (with the hazard lights already on) to start up the car which should have just enough gas to get me almost a mile to the gas station. But there's another light and hill between me and the station! Aaaack!!! Well, I did make it to the station sputtering and telling Easton to pray for the car to make it! PHEW!!! And we were only five minutes late for the youth panel which was just fine as everyone was milling around.

The panel was a lot of fun - but then, any night out with my Ryan is! The Laurel class presidency asked us and the Washingtons a series of questions about our dating, courtship, proposal, favorite qualities, advice for the youth and such. It never ceases to amaze me how cool as a cucumber, articulate, and just plain fun my Ryan can be in the spotlight! Then there's me sweatin' bullets, my lips stick to my teeth - I hate that!!! Ryan reminded me of all the reasons I married him almost five years ago this month in the stories he told and the aforementioned qualities, of course. See that cute picture of us in the upper right corner? It's from the night he proposed. Wanna hear the story? Sure ya do!

Alright, it's truly a snapshot of how lucky I am to have such a thoughtful husband that takes such wonderful care of me!!! Ryan arranged to have an elaborate setup of flowers, rose petals, and candles situated around "our bench" at the little known bishop's garden at the National Cathedral. This little place was the site of a fabulous, fun chat on our first date where we lost track of time (much to the chagrin of our double date). I'd been working real late all that week and Ryan came to pick me up with the promise of ice cream. I looked horrific after packing boxes and stuff up for a work convention the next week, so I wasn't thrilled when he thought ice cream in swanky Georgetown would be fun. Somehow he persisted and even got me to "swing by" the National Cathedral. As he led me back to our bench, I started freaking out because I saw the elaborate display around our bench and tried dragging him away saying, "HOLY COW! We gotta get out of here! Ryan, someone's planning something big! We can't ruin it!" Poor guy, had to practically knock me over the head to make me realize it was for me! It's not often that Ryan can contain a surprise for me, but this one hit the mark and when he does - he pulls out the stops! BOY DO I LOVE HIM!!!

As I recover from my overstimulating day yesterday, we've hung close to home this morning. Ryan had brought the boys' basketball hoop to the main level which means McKay is in heaven! However, Ryan got him used to being lifted to the basket to slamdunk! My shoulders and back thank you, sweet hubby of mine. To give my body a rest, I pulled the hoop close to the couch and pulled off a cushion so he could have various "platforms" to slamdunk it on his own. Thus began our morning of pillow towers, forts, and caves. I find it interesting how much love, patience, and WORK playing with your children takes! Inevitably, one will mess up or thwart the plans of another and weeping and wailing ensues! But teaching them teamwork, persistence, sharing, looking out for one another, and the joy of playing together is just priceless! Oh yes, and let's not forget the scary things lurking under the cushions! Mr. vacuum hose was just as big a hit as the pillows!