Monday, July 16


With a great forecast last weekend, we headed for our favorite camping spot. The boys once again enjoyed scavenging about the campsite, but because we didn’t get up there until 6:30pm, it was getting dark by the time we got ourselves all setup w/ the tent and fire going. However, since I was pretty dead tired all day Friday, I forgot some key items in our packing like a frying pan and spatula! GASP!!! How can we enjoy bacon and pancakes?!? Ryan’s ingenuity delivered – we used the Jiffypop “pan.”
But cares wash away as you enjoy a melted “smashmo” between a Hershey bar and graham crackers! The boys are more into just the marshmallows and I think Easton had at least 10 and McKay must have downed at least six. Hilarious how Easton’s pronunciations still creep into conversations before I realize what’s come out of my mouth! Between smashmo and budder fadgich (peanut butter sandwich) – I can’t tell which is my favorite.

Since we played Ring around the Rosies, London Bridge and Hide n Seek for FHE, Easton and McKay are game junkies! I was playing with the boys last night and it just cracks me up to see McKay get so excited and Easton can barely contain his happy feet hopping around for “s’more peez, do it again!” I was just telling Brooks last night about one of our other favorite Eastonisms. When he gets in trouble now, he’s usually quick to preempt our punishment by saying “I not do it again, no way!” shaking his head emphatically over and over again!

Alright, I’ve become distracted from my morning chores to sit and chat with you about our stuff so enjoy the pictures! The last one is from last week when I gave McKay a chocolate chip cookie – luckily at the table. Ryan had been so sweet to make me some cookies to satisfy my chocolate craving and they were mostly chocolate chips w/ a little cookie as you can see. Isn’t it the best to see a kid so happy?! I sure think so!

Love ya’ll more than having washed my hair twice since our camping and still being able to smell the campfire as I blowdry! There are worse things right?