Monday, July 16

Firework Junkies!

Once again we headed up to Antietam battlefield for their fireworks show. It was a 90 degree hot day, but we all managed! Chris and Tricia brilliantly brought spray bottles to help us cool off and they also made us the most wonderful sandwiches!!!

The Washington and McFadden families plus good friend Dean Coleman also joined us. Antietam was our third fireworks show this year! We went to the WA, DC practice show the Saturday before the 4th and then took in the local show on the 4th.

We had a great time on the 4th starting with a ward breakfast. Then we had been invited back to the Ortegas for a rainy BBQ, a fireworks competition with her cul de sac neighbors, the Leesburg firework extravaganza, and then back to the Ortegas for Ryan and Mike to finish setting off their fireworks complete with a cop stopping by to warn whomever had the illegal fireworks (not Ryan, I promise – but those fireworks were cool). Easton and McKay loved the fireworks! Easton found a little chair and hollered at anyone who got in his visual line J McKay wandered around saying BOO’ (boom). The cul de sac had so many fireworks and it was sooooo humid that the smoke made it look like there was a thick fog!