Thursday, March 15

Update from March 15th

The flu has hit us again. And it is lingering. One of the kids we were watching for the weekend came down with it on Saturday night and it hit me Monday before they were picked up. It hit McKay on Monday night and Morgan yesterday but they seem to have energy whereas it's laid me out all week! Jake's either got it or is on another teething round. This is the third time I've gotten the flu since Christmas! Ugh!

On a lighter note, on Tuesday, I set an alarm to wake me up from my nap to go get Easton from school. McKay heard the alarm go off and came to tell me but seeing me sleeping so soundly must have made him forget. He climbed into bed next to me and fell fast asleep. The only reason I was just 10 minutes late picking up Easton was because McKay drooled on my nose which woke me up! Awesome.

A dear friend came to my rescue on Wednesday by coming over and putting dinner in the crockpot and doing two days worth of dishes. She had called to ask if she could take the kids but I didn't want to share our germs. She's pretty much the only person I can think of that I'd let in my house in its current state and she's the one who called. Hallelujah! I was able to make a doctor's appointment to see if I had strep throat. While it was great that they could fit me in, the two times I've now been to this office I've had to wait almost 2 hours to be seen. Talk about torture since I also had all four kids with me! Too bad they don't do online check-in like airlines! Good news is no strep. Bad news is medicine is bad for nursing Jake but this flu has pretty much dried up my milk supply so nursing might be done for. Good thing he doesn't mind bottles and he got the good stuff for seven whole months.

At school Fasching celebration.

Easton had his first cub scout Blue & Gold Banquet on Tuesday night. His best friend Anthony from school has joined the pack with him. He had a great time and loved getting a pinewood derby trophy which he had too much fun playing with and it broke in two before getting home. Who knew trophies weren't supposed to race?

I've challenged Easton to read "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." He really wants to buy a book about bird watching and I told him I'd buy him one if he'd read this. He's on chapter 9 now and reads one chapter per night before reading his "fun" books. He reads for a good hour or two each night, our little book worm!

We've had beautiful weather in the high 50-60s this week. I think the only reason Easton hasn't gotten the bug is because the minute he's home from school he's outside jumping on the trampoline or riding bikes. It's like a hunger that must be fed for him right now! Even eating is a chore if he has to stop playing.

McKay has two plantar's warts on his foot. He thinks they've been there since before Christmas and I'm trying to figure out how I haven't seen them because I trim his toenails every so often. He said he didn't tell us earlier because he was afraid he'd have to get a shot. Poor kid! Tonight as I was in a full sweat with a fever breaking, I held him down while Ryan froze them. Holy Cow did he scream! He was so scared it would hurt more than it did he said. He's totally been scrunching up his toes to alleviate pressure on the warts for months! Poor kid!

Morgan is Ms Chatty. She peppers us with questions and her thoughts on all subjects of interest. I find that in 8 minutes in the car, we will have only covered one issue -- what's next. She has me rehearse over and over what's going to happen next "and then what" "and then what" until she can confidently rehearse it back to me. This calls for extreme patience on my part as I tell myself over and over that it's just language acquisition and a good thing. But try doing it with no voice and just a whisper from this cursed flu. Agony. I do love how she often repeats something she says under her breath. It's really cute and it's like you can hear the wheels in her brain turning and learning.

Morgan is also a songbird but singing in tune is not necessary all the time. And actual words are superfluous. (I love that word!) She sings while playing with her toys in her room and just sings whatever she's thinking about. Gotta get some video of it and how she stages her toys!

The picture was taken by Ryan after they had a little daddy daughter date. He took her to the PX to get some ice cream and she got to pick out her "jaguar" and have her face painted. She loved the one on one time with her daddy!

Jake is seven months old this week. Time flies! He is such a happy little guy and so easy to please. He's quite the inch worm scooting all over the floor and mastered pushing himself up into a seated position this past week. I loved watching him figure this out, especially the surprised look on his face the first time he did it! He looked over at me and gave me such a happy grin! Totally awesome! He sits differently than any of the others with one leg out front and one bent behind him. I'm pretty sure he likes the more secure balance this position offers. He tried both legs out in front of him but would sometimes fall over. He still has no desire to figure out how to roll from his back to his front.