Monday, February 20


Yeah, I know.
I'm behind in my Carter chronicling.

Stop your bawling! I'm on it! Sheesh!
This is Jake's new face when he's bossing me around.
As you can tell, he means serious business!

Ryan, Jake and I were supposed to have gone to northern Italy this past weekend particularly to see Venice at the height of Carnival. Cold temperatures, the flu, and a myriad of other little things had us cancel. We wanted to do something with the kids so Ryan scrambled and was able to find us a cabin at Edelweiss in Garmisch. The kids were beyond thrilled and it was nice to check out the cabins without having to reserve them for an entire week during regular season!

It was going to be a quick trip and with it being a big US four day holiday for President's Day around here, my scrambling to find a Primary sub wasn't panning out. So I told myself I'd just stay home and let them go. Ahhhh, to have the house to myself for over 24 hours would be a glorious thing, No? Ryan didn't like my idea so much and somehow he got me out the door. It's a good thing, because I would have missed out!

At the pool, Morgan finally left the safety of the steps and ventured out to follow her brothers in all their splashing fun. She was very proud of herself and so was I to see it!

As our dinner arrived at the Pullman Grill, Jake was in serious need of being put to bed. A loving older couple behind us caught my eye as I was trying to sooth him in the stroller. They'd been making eyes at Jake from the time they sat down. I asked if they wanted to hold him while we got the kids' dinners situated. I think I made that grandma's day! He was sweet and smiley for them the whole time and I got to eat my dinner while it was hot! I loved looking over and seeing Jake so content in this woman's arms and getting the attention he needed. And she intuitively held him the ways he likes to be held - even cheek to cheek! Often I'm not comfortable with this type of stranger handoff, but when it feels right and saves my sanity -- I'd say it was heaven sent!

After a good night's sleep in the fun cabin, the boys did ski school while Ryan and Morgan went swimming. I sat in the lobby and read, fed Jake and watched people. By the time they were done swimming, the snack shop's hot chocolate machine was back in business. YAY for Starbucks hot chocolate!

Then we ventured out to try an Indian restaurant's take out and hit the jackpot! YUM!!! We ate while watching the boys finish up their time on the slopes.

It was so thrilling to see Easton so confident on skis and proud of himself today! He's what they call an advanced beginner now apparently. He said rather than play on the playground after lunch, he hit the slopes and listened in on the advanced instructor giving pointers. Ryan told him it's in his genes to love skiing.

Both boys were thoroughly tuckered out from a day of fun!

McKay did really well in his class that used the magic carpet. His favorite part was when they had him bouncing up and down to get used to having good balance on his skis. He and his instructor said he was really good at it! This is right after I picked him up. He tells me he'll stop sucking his thumb when he's 8. Alright, buddy.

On the way home, Jake was not too happy stuck in his carseat. At one point Morgan began singing her version of Jingle Bells to him:

Jingo Ba-os, Jingo Baos, Jingp all da way.
Santa bwings us tweats and p'esents,
Jingo all the way! Hey!