Tuesday, December 20

Sindelfingen Christmas Market

Easton and McKay participated in their school's Sindelfingen Christmas market performance. It was a fun place to meet up with their friends and pretty cute to see them singing traditional Christmas carols in English and German. This is actually a great local market each year with great food and a good variety of booths.

Easton was in the far back left so we couldn't see him at all. McKay's class was front and center and he sang his heart out. After the performance, Ryan went off with some work friends while the rest of us headed for the fire pits to roast bread on a stick and enjoy some kinder punch.

Somehow I ended up with 7 kids to supervise at the fire pits and everyone was starving - including Jake in the stroller. I gotta laugh at the smile on my face cuz that's not really how I felt on the inside. You know the feeling -- you put on a happy face trying to help the kids enjoy an experience when you'd give your left arm at the very least to be home alone reading a book in your pjs nice and warm. Once everyone got their bread on a stick over the fire, it was crazy keeping them safe! Fire, sticks, children = bad combo but they were happy!

Finally, I was able to corral my own bunch into the school's tent where I could feed Jake and then we were off to go find Ryan. He'd found some great eats as always! Roasted potato wedges with some sort of yummy dip and then some cheese toast. The cheese toast was awesome! They had a huge wedge of cheese that they'd put under a broiler to melt just the top. Then they'd scrape off that melted top, put it on a fresh piece of German bread and slather on a bit of jam. Heaven in my mouth, I say! I would have loved to eat another slice but Morgan announced she had to go potty so we had to run back to the van for a date with our port-a-potty.

Next up that evening: Getting the Christmas tree from our favorite lot!