Monday, November 21

Eye Candy

I'm a sucker for Ryan's beard, it suits him. And I love seeing him with our babies!
Now to the Baby Blues fixed on me - once he hears me, he's done with Dad!
Sorry, Ryan! You can be his favorite in a year when all he wants to do is wrestle!
The milk wagon wins this round.

All bundled up to run errands or pick up the boys from school. Poor guy doesn't care much for his car seat time, especially if that pacifier pops out or if Morgan is throwing a tantrum about her car seat straps being too tight. That half hour drive to or from church can be torture!

Everyone around here works hard for those smiles!

Ryan's coworkers designed a set of cute onesies for Jake as a baby gift. It refers to one of their favorite office jokes about some silly rumor of Mormons worshipping a big blue ox! So here's Babe!

Easton often finds Jake and settles in to play. Such a doting big brother!
Jake resembles Easton as a baby the most but there's some of McKay in there too now and then.

McKay likes to count how many smiles he can get out of Jake. How to entertain two big brothers with a little brother? Give them a camera!

We done yet?
It's pretty exhausting giving face time to all these busy bodies!

I love this little man so! Holding him melts away all the cares of the day. His routine is predictable and he's just so darn easy-going. Still working on sleeping through the night but I get such a kick out of him getting chatty at his 4-5am feeding. During the day, if I don't want to put him down but must get going, I put him in this sling made by my old coworker, Suzanne Stanmeyer. Within about five minutes of buzzing around doing chores, he's out like a light! Nothin' sweeter than holding him tight!