Sunday, May 1

Our Easter Egg Hunt

We had Lizzie and Miles for Easter again this year while the rest of their family toured Normandy, England and I think a bit of Scotland. It was a most beautiful Easter Sabbath! Here's the crew ready to be sent hunting.

McKay found the Easter Bunny's grand display of the best treats
on this rock wall and he cleaned up!

After getting five eggs in her basket,
Morgan was ready to sit and enjoy the fruits of her labors!

The happy hunters and their loot.
We didn't even seat them in this order, it just happened!

The chocolate was melting fast in the warm sun.
It make for finger-lickin' chocolately goodness!

To enjoy the evening, the kids and I went on a walk/ride to work off some of the sugar and heaviness of our pot roast dinner. We'd pretty much let them eat all their candy that day so it'd be gone and done with. It's a bit of a jaunt to get down to the paved bike path. Ryan's severe allergies didn't let him join us, it would have been too tortuous!

Safflower fields are all abloom here now. The bikers are ready to go but unfortunately for McKay, it was a steep bit down. He got going too fast and biffed it at the very bottom, got pretty scraped up and torqued his handlebars.

Morgan wasn't going to miss this fun! There she goes!

McKay and Miles discussing the finer points of the journey.

I was pretty impressed that Morgan demanded to haul her car up the hill! It's a good steep 50% or so incline to get back up to the road near our house.

By the time we got home, everyone had cried real tears at least once for one reason or another but they slept in good and long the next morning so it was worth it! Sugar 'em up, wear 'em out!