Sunday, May 1

Fun with Cousins

We had a number of adventures on Easter break with the cousins. Easton had a partial week of school that first week the cousins were here so all the attention after school was a bit overwhelming for him. Good thing the weather cooperated and I could send them out to play! Easton, Lizzie and McKay would head out for bike rides on the "rocky road" below our house. Miles hated to not be a part of it most of the time, but he did enjoy having the yard and playroom to himself as did Morgan so it worked out. We had playdates and tball practice at the park to keep us busy.

One day we went to Sensapolis with Easton's school. It's a huge indoor playland with a castle, life-size space ship, and other attractions. The kids lasted 5 hours without skipping a beat before I was worn out! Oh the protestations!

On a glorious 73 degree day, we met school friends at Sindelfingen's Klosterhalle park where the waterworks had been turned on. The kids climbed the rope towers and then played with the water pump and sand to create dams, canals, and waterfalls for an entire afternoon. I wish I had pictures of them enjoying a day at the park with friends all reveling in their youth!

Instead of taking this zoo to the zoo as planned on Tuesday, we trekked into the woods in hopes of finding a great park I'd heard had a zipline. The Waldspielplatz. We came across a site with a handful of lean-tos which the kids authoritatively said were left by the Indians long ago. Haha!

If we'd only chosen the road to the right when we initially set out, we'd have been there in 10 minutes. I loved the walk with Morgan's hunt for sticks and stones, McKay treasured solid piece of wood shaped as a gun, Miles arming himself with a long stick in each hand to fight off bad guys, Easton keeping us on a timer for how long we'd pursue each path before going back, and Lizzie second-guessing the entire excursion - she doesn't like to feel like she's wandering aimlessly. I know the feeling! After forty minutes and a few tears, we finally found the park and it was hours of fun!

Ah, that's my guy!

The kickback could be fierce, but the big kids loved it!

I'm not sure why, but they liked the ramp better than the actual slide on the other side.

I love that good old fashioned merry-go-rounds are in just about every park here.
It so reminds me of my childhood.

How's that for a teeter totter? Awesome!
And now for the little ones' tutorial on how to shell and eat a peanut.
Step 1: Select your nut.

Step 2: Determine it's weakest side. Facial contortions make this easier.

Step 3: Sing to your nut if necessary. It may need wooing.

Step 4: Crack the lil' thing open and show it who's boss 'round here!

Step 5: Eat it and grin! Them's good nuts!

Step 6: Wear some for later.

Step 7: Share your secrets with the ones you love.

We finished the week with more park visits and a trip to Jolos Kinderwelt, an indoor bouncy gym with school friends. Between lots of good weather and excursions, this was one exhausted crowd, both young and old!