Wednesday, March 23

Who to hang with?

We had a beautiful sunny day today - perfect for enjoying friends outside after the school's sushi and baked goods fundraiser for Japan. Easton's buddy, Anthony, has a dad who loves baseball and took the day off to play with the kids. Ryan joined us as did a few other moms and their kids. Anthony's dad, Joe, is the perfect coach - calm and encouraging. He pitched to and coached each kid and had them all hitting the ball without a tee. It was awesome! Both Easton and McKay had some great hits and gained a lot of confidence in just this one afternoon.

I love to play sports and grew up in a family that loves to play sports. I knew I wanted to play them with my kids and it's so fun that the boys are getting old enough to understand games and play them. Coaching soccer is fun but we're taking a break and letting the kids try some new sports this spring. While coaching, I always felt like I was missing out on making new friends with the moms since making new friends is something I enjoy. During Easton's basketball season this winter, I didn't do a very good job of being a friend because I was busy entertaining and corralling Morgan and McKay so they didn't interrupt practice. And the majority of the moms present weren't eager to be social so I kept myself busy chasing my little ones.

My dilemma today then was that I wanted to play with the kids but I also wanted to sit and chat with the moms because I really haven't made much of an effort to do so at Easton's school. I'm pretty content with my church friends and neighbor since I'm such a homebody, but always feel a tinge of remorse for not extending myself more often to people outside my natural church circle.

Today's group was a little eclectic. I'm sure these ladies would have been fine without me, but I also felt a pull to play hostess of sorts. You know how when you invite some people and know that they are eager to hang out with you while the kids are off having fun. I felt that vibe from one especially and didn't want to disappoint. So there I sat with the moms the majority of the time, feeling torn and more and more pregnant. (I am seriously losing my lap, much to Morgan's chagrin.)

I hope next time I play more with the kids while they're fresh and excited to play. As they wind down, then I can go hang with the moms. I want my kids to remember me playing with them. Time's too short! Besides, friends come and go but family is forever!