Sunday, September 12

Got Wind?

When we got into the van after church today it was a little warm from sitting in the sun. From the back, Easton hollered, "Dad, make wind!" As in, "Roll down the windows, it's hot in here!" He's still pretty innocent.

But Ryan and I shared a quick laugh before explaining what "making wind" could also mean. Oh boy! Easton laughed his head off for the next ten minutes! It's the gift that keeps on giving today. Nothin' better than seeing your kid throwing his head back for a good gut laugh!

Easton crossed another childhood milestone this past month. He's begun losing teeth. The first one was a casualty of rough housing in the bath. McKay bopped Easton in the face and it really loosened up an already wiggly tooth. Easton was a bit panicky, we all know that uncomfortable really loose tooth feel. Ryan told Easton he needed to take a look and then just plucked it out! Easton's face perfectly captures how he felt.

The boys are now in agreement that the tooth fairy is a cool dude.

Tonight at dinner, Easton's fork hit another loose bottom tooth in front. This time Ryan just asked if he could take it out. We were all surprised that Easton thought that was a good idea. Still a little alarmed, he was much less scared by it.

McKay was dying to be the one to put the tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy. I overheard some covert negotiations about splitting the tooth fairy proceeds. McKay's no dummy! He remembers that last time Easton was able to buy his brother a piece of candy too.