Sunday, May 23

My Zoo at the Zoo

The sun has returned! HALLELUJAH!!! It's been rainy or cloudy for a few weeks straight so yesterday's sunshine and warmth was a most welcome arrival!

Our lovely Saturday began with Easton's game and I'm excited to report our team made their first bonafide passes to teammates! I was beside myself with excitement! Ryan was more excited over Morgan's soccer prowess post-game. Apparently she's got some fierce goalie skills that had a few bystanders cheering her on!

Ryan had promised/bribed Easton with ice cream so we did that next and there was a lot going on at the PX -- a community yard sale, the end of the Cobblestone Classic 5 mile run, and a fundraising BBQ. We found a couple steals at the sale and then headed on to a sporting goods store to find little goals for our yard. I'm so happy to have them and it was great fun to see the family kicking the ball around all afternoon! We also cleaned out the shed and did a little bike riding before enjoying some enchiladas for dinner. What a great family day!

Before the sun made it's appearance, we didn't let it's absence keep us in. Easton's kindergarten class had a field trip to the zoo here in Stuttgart this week. We were going to tag along as a whole family but Ryan had a meeting. Rats! I was outnumbered again! Outings are always more fun with Ryan along!

The zoo, rain, and my kids. We liked the zoo. We stayed inside mostly until the rain ceased, but the kids . . . ? You'd think they would be all excited to see the animals but it soon became an exercise in negotiating. Three against one, odds were NOT in my favor.

"After we see the fish, are we done?" It was just our second stop! We'd begun by staying with a few groups from Easton's class but then everyone crowded at each exhibit so it was not fun for me with three to wrangle and two that needed to be lifted to see most things. We were soon on our own and it suited us just fine.

"Ohhh [whining], my feet hurt! After we see the monkeys, can we go to the play ground?" Once the kids realized there were playgrounds, any desire to see animals was extinguished. Isn't it amazing how kids will whine and complain about walking until they spot a pigeon to chase or a playground to tackle?

Easton loves to climb stuff. McKay likes to give low lying things a try but is just short enough that most stuff is too big so he's frustrated and resorts to thumb sucking or bird chasing. Morgan loves any steep incline and I was glad I'd put her in the snowsuit so that she wasn't cold or soaking wet from all the climbing and scooting around she did in puddles and mud.

"After we see the elephants, can we have ice cream?" It was 48 degrees out when we arrived and only a couple of the concessions were even open. But the boys had seen the darn popsicle placards so they knew we'd find some eventually. It warmed up some and the sprinkling rain stopped and dried up a little so after some tropical indoor exhibits we were all hot and sweaty! I was okay with them having some ice cream - it was just knowing that Morgan would want her own now and that would be the end of my patience with the day and the messes. Luckily, she occupied herself with an apple while the boys wandered away to eat their ice cream.

The kids have decided on new foods they like lately. Morgan has discovered raisins and is my only kid so far to really eat them. McKay melts into a puddle of tears if his sandwich has anything other than Nutella on it and it's his most requested food. ARGH! Easton now declares he wants cold mac'n'cheese in his lunches. Outings with my kids largely revolve around the food we have to consume and what they wish we had. Can't seem to please'm all!

When Morgan saw this statue, she began hugging and kissing on it. She has a thing for animals alive or not! Stuffed or rock hard. She's her own person for sure!

"After we see the bears, can we go home?" YES, it was time! Five hours and all of us were falling apart. Once we'd exited the parking lot, I looked back to see McKay and Morgan totally zonked out! Luckily I'd worn them out enough that they were too tired to give me grief as I ran Easton's soccer practice! PHEW! I was sooo expecting a different scenario to reward me for taking my zoo to the zoo!