Wednesday, March 3

Treasure Island, Chapter 3

I really like to read and Ryan grew up loving reading. I'd really like my kids to learn to love reading early and so far Easton's really got the bug and McKay's coming along. Ryan began reading "Treasure Island" to the boys one evening. I've never read it and have always wanted to and Easton got into it so I'm giving it a go, sort of. Tonight I read Chapter Three, "The Black Spot," to the boys before bed although Buzz Lightyear's laser gun kept interrupting McKay's concentration.

By the end of the chapter, McKay was sleeping soundly and I was asking Easton if he understood what had happened in the chapter. Jim's father had passed away followed shortly by the Captain. I asked Easton if he knew what a funeral was and he didn't, but he cut me off. His wonderful teacher, Ms. Senna, is on emergency leave right now. Her mother has been battling cancer for over a year as I understand it. Easton was telling me that their class got a note from Ms. Senna this morning that her mom had died.

My heart goes out to Ms. Senna and her family. Her sub, Mrs. Carole had to leave unexpectedly last week because her own mother got devastating news about her pancreatic cancer. When it rains it pours! What sad, sad stuff. I'm at a loss. I am grateful however that these events have given me opportunities to talk to Easton about death, what happens to us when we die, what a funeral is, and not knowing what to do for others. It has been so sweet to hear him pray for Ms. Senna and her family unprompted and from his heart.

Who knew reading "The Black Spot" would give me that opportunity tonight? I'm grateful that reading books together gives me a chance to hear what my kids think and wonder about so I can share what little I understand.

Note to self: Bedtime = Opportunities, when I surrender to the promptings and allow myself that gift.