Thursday, January 21

McKay's shiner

Last week at the kindergarten, McKay had tried to move a big bench and he slipped and got a good shiner. I thought maybe he'd been trying to show off his ski jump moves he and Easton had started doing off the couch after seeing a couple skiing commercials for the mountain resort we were going to for MLK weekend.

McKay greeted me with a "Hi Mom!" And then his face fell and he was in tears remembering to tell me about his ouchie. Oh so cute! The teachers iced it at the school as best you can do with a three year old. I tried to make sure it was clean and to put some Neosporin and a bandaid on it but McKay would have none of it!

You can see he's a bit puffy the next morning, but pretty happy with his battle scar.

That morning, a couple of the teachers asked what the doctor had said. I hadn't taken him to the doctor because he'd been the same kid all day and didn't seem to be affected by it at all. One teacher shook her head disapprovingly at me and pointed at the dark circle under his other eye as if to say it was spreading. Thank goodness I hadn't worn any make up so I could show her he got the dark circles from me. Sorry, kid! I got 'em young too, even before I was a book-aholic!