Sunday, January 24

2010 can now begin. . .

I finally have a calendar for all the family business. The year may now commence with my blessing! So little selection here and the images and info online were not big enough or detailed enough to induce my purchasing in addition to having to wait. I've settled and made my peace with a random Audobon floral theme. Que sera!

Since Ryan and I share the van and my days with the van entail an ordeal of a morning and afternoon routine, I don't often advocate for the luxury of the liberty. On days I have the car, I often need to stack all my errands on top of each other, mindful that one or two kids will not get their much needed naps and regular sit down meals which I know I'll pay for with bits of sanity throughout the day. You can then probably well imagine that some days I ache to get out by myself. To run errands and actually browse what a store contains beyond the menacing list. Saturday was one of those glorious days and it was so productive I'm still on a high, even if the list was long!

IKEA finally had the item I needed in stock! Ryan agreed on same side table lamps I photographed before purchasing since I abhor making returns especially with a language barrier! One of the small malls had some good clothing sales and the PX had the items on my list! I said to myself, "Self! Great Day!" And then brought home a late lunch for Ryan as a peace offering. He had his own peace offering waiting, one of my very favorites - clean kitchen, living and dining rooms! I love this man!

I went about clearing out cluttered catch-all drawers around the house on an organizing kick. We're short on space and ways to store our precious junk in these parts, but a dear friend gave me an idea I wanted to put to work for us. It's not my favorite decorating look, but I sure do love how utilitarian it is!

A hanging shoe rack for easy access to basic art and office supplies on the back of the play room door. The kids will not know it's there for some time I'm sure since this door is rarely closed unless Morgan is in there taking a nap in the pitch black darkness. The bottom compartments are empty because it is now kid-tested, mother approved! I'm betting Morgan will soon be stuffing her favorite toy collections of the moment in them. My friend uses these hanging shoe bags in different rooms in the house for their family's extensive game collection, various bathroom toiletries, and perhaps another coming soon for all her baby daughter's darn cute items like socks, tights, bibs and what not. I'm thinking how handy one of these will be for keeping some of the oft-needed tools visible and accessible for quick fixes. The possibilities are endless! Short-term, cheap solution now employed on this premises!

And so another week begins! I vow that it won't be Thursday before I feel like it's Monday this week! Last week threw me for a loop with MLK Day, a sick day, and a recovering the house from a vacation and being sick / prepare the house for Ryan's coworkers coming over for a game night sort of day. Last week just didn't stand a chance of being real productive you see. I love new beginnings and the hope that I can do things better even if I know my efforts will be hijacked often. I had a great afternoon visiting with a friend on Friday all because I volunteered to have my day hijacked. Sometimes it's the best sort of day when your plans come to nothing!

Why was the calendar important again?