Sunday, November 29

First Crushes

When Easton got in the car after church today, he had news!

He told Ryan about a girl in his class. "Brynna is beautiful! My eyes were like hearts when I sawed her."

By the time I got in the car, Ryan couldn't wait to have me hear about the latest development. He asked Easton to tell me what he'd told daddy. We had some fun stifled laughs and Easton enjoyed retelling it. I was trying to figure out who she was and Easton asked if I knew her so he could call her. Luckily, I have a ward list in the van and found who she was! She's got long wavy blond hair and is the youngest in a large family. She turns six tomorrow which is why Easton realized who she is. She's been in our ward since July, but he said she was new today. In all likelihood, it was just that he saw her for the first time today. She actually goes to his school in the other kindergarten class across the hall. Easton liked that!

A couple minutes later, Easton asked from the back of the van, "How many days will we live in Germany?" To which we said we didn't know. He said, "Let's stay in Germany for a long time so I can kiss her when I am big."

Ryan and I were trying real hard to hold it together!

Then Easton asked again, "Mom, do you know her phone number?"
Ryan asked, "Will you call her?"
Easton: "Yeah."
Ryan: "What will you say to her?"
Easton: "I don't know."
Ryan: "Do you want to marry her . . .
Easton: "Uhh . . ."
Ryan: ". . . or do you just want to kiss her?"
Easton: "Kiss her!"

Oh this is just too much fun! Ryan remembered his first crush was in first grade. I can't remember when mine was but I remember who. He was in all but my 2nd grade classes through elementary school. Good funny cute kid! It was always a love-hate mutual thing we had back and forth as I remember it. My first memories of him are in kindergarten being competitive on the playground and that fateful day I got reprimanded for the first time by my teacher. It was story time and I was trying to explain something silly to him when the teacher told me I now had to go sit in a chair at the back instead of on the rug in front of the teacher with everyone else. I was mortified! So much so, I can remember it so vividly today!