Monday, October 5

We LOVE Autumn!

We made a short trip down part of the Romantic Road this weekend to enjoy the changing colors. It was a fun laid back drive through cute little towns while listening to Ryan's first audio book subscription title I got him for his birthday. (FINALLY, I picked a gift he enjoyed! HURRAY!!!) It's called Born to Run and can be a bit irreverent, but it's pretty entertaining and informative. What I've loved about it is that the most successful ultra runners share a common attribute - love and kindness.

We made our way to the Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles. It was hopping with tourists so we were glad we'd done the tours last winter and just got to soak up the crisp air and gorgeous scenery! Too bad the castle was covered in scaffolding! The bright blue sky looked like it was raining parachutes and gliders - I'm too much of a chicken to ever even think of doing that! We took the bus up to Cinderella's castle (Neuschwanstein) and walked back down. The only way we could get McKay to keep walking was to bribe him once again. This time he was allowed to take pictures if he'd keep walking. Whatever it takes!

We bribed them with frosted animal crackers to let us have the time to soak up the view. The flat valley below is so beautiful. Then it gives way to the Alps and we just love it here!

Ryan got to brush up on his Portuguese with a nice Brazilian couple who offered to take our picture. He felt a bit rusty, but I thought he did pretty well! My brother Matt just flew out this past week to begin his two year mission in Brazil so this hit home.

My cute boyfriend and I with the castle above my head. I wish it came in clearer!

I love how this kid hugs me! I positively crave it! Hohenschwangau behind us.

Here's Morgan giving herself some eye to eye lovin'!

Once we checked in down in Garmisch, we headed to Ryan's little slice of heaven for his favorite steak. Yummy! He let me finish my food by taking a VERY uncooperative Morgan back to our room. She had thrown just about everything imaginable to the floor. She redeemed herself just now as I was writing this by sitting in the doorway of the kitchen clapping, dancing on her haunches, squealing and giving kisses as I made her a bottle! She's so funny and loves her food! I think all moms should receive this hoopla treatment while preparing food for the youngin's!

After dinner the boys got to go swim until 8 when "Bolt" was on TV. What a fun filled day! We enjoyed a leisure morning splitting up the breakfast into crews -- early risers McKay and Morgan with me, then sleepers Easton and Ryan later. I love that this hotel has a breakfast buffet with eggs made to order!!! It's one of my favorite things. I'm very easy to please!

The kids got another swim in before we spent SIX HOURS in our first horrible German traffic stau. The trip should have taken three hours. Good thing we liked our book and the boys had their dvds. While at the pool, Easton amazed me by swimming the length of the pool. It wasn't far, but he jumped in and swam across completely unassisted except for the cheers of ecstatic parents! He's such a good boy and I LOVE HIM!!!

Can you tell Morgan was NOT too thrilled to be sharing her daddy? A couple pictures later she's got a fist full of Easton's hair in her clutches with a full on banshee scream in progress!

Ahhh, daddy to herself in the hot tub. Life is right again!