Monday, August 3

Sunbeams in Schonaich

A couple weeks ago Ryan mentioned how fun he thought it'd be if I took the kids on a walk to the flower fields. We were on the way home from picking Ryan up from work and were tired and hungry. I filed that suggestion away in my folder called, "For a patient day." This morning I decided to keep the boys home from kindergarten so we could go do this walk. It's nice and cool outside and soon the sunflowers will be gone. The boys call them Sunbeam flowers.

Can you tell I love where I live? Great motivation to get out and walk when this is you backyard!

I've enjoyed watching the various wheat fields grow around here. The random pattern in this field made me wonder if they are preparing it for a maze or just like to be random?

Once we got to the field, the boys wanted to pick which flowers they were going to cut. They had pretty good taste!

McKay seemed to wonder why this was worth doing.

And then it was like a light bulb came on and I knew what was next!

I think his very words were, "Eas'on, let's FIGHT!" And just like that the pretty sunflowers became swords.

Easton thought it was cool how you stuck your money in the box to pay for your fresh cut flowers. Pretty cool honor system they have here! Sunflowers were 50 euro cents as you can see from the board.

And then it was time for the walk home. McKay loved how his hat would fly off when he ran and it became a fun stop and go game for the boys. They just laughed their heads off for a good ten minutes on this stretch! I love seeing them be best buddies!

On the longest stretch below our home, McKay rode the scooter and Easton pushed and rode the stroller. It was quite nice to let Easton take care of the stroller! Note to self! Morgan likes to put her feet up on our journeys. It’s such hard work being a baby!

Our building is the one you see the best just above the kids. I think we still had a good half hour of walking at this point. Oh McKay loves his scooter!

He even demanded dragging it up the hill until . . .

. . . his thumb spoke louder. And this is why taking walks with the children requires supreme patience. When McKay assumes this position, the slugs cross the road faster than he moseys onward. We got to the top of this little hill and he wanted to ride the scooter again. On gravel. He insisted. I tried to talk him into riding in the stroller. He almost collapsed into a tantrum as I gave myself a pep talk. “We’re in no hurry.” I gave in. He happily rode and dragged that scooter for another ten minutes until giving it back to me to carry in the stroller. He assumed slug mosey pace and didn’t want a ride. In all, a half hour walk took a little over two hours. Again.

I wonder how long we'll be able to enjoy our fun sunflowers!? Sure was fun to see the kids inspect them during lunch. That is, until McKay knocked them over and water spilled everywhere. Real life, real messes, real fun.