Wednesday, July 8

Pea Bowling

I made a particularly horrible chicken curry recipe tonight. We still tried to get the boys to eat a full meal. I had left the table and had been hounding Easton to finish his dinner. Once again, I heard the boys playing around the table and the words caught in my throat because of the game they had invented with Morgan's leftovers on the floor.

Sorry for the horrible picture, I didn't want to interrupt and alter their game. Easton was directing McKay's stacking pea-to-Cheerio efforts. When all available peas and Cheerios were stacked, they went "bowling." McKay would swing his arm and knock those peas off their perches to the both of them cheering! I should note that we took the boys bowling two weeks ago on a rainy Saturday. I got a real kick out of each of us hollering for the one who was up. Nothing like hearing your kids cheer for you or for each other!

Ugh! Now they are eating their creations! Ewwwww! And Easton is back to eating what's on his plate, sitting in his chair like the nice young man I'm working to mold. Boys are weird! And the moment is over. Easton is feeding McKay his leftover peas and McKay is eating them like a puppy right from the table. I should intervene, but no mess is being created so GO FOR IT! Eat them peas! Play-doh is more of a mess than this!