Monday, July 20

Homefront Update

Just to document a few things each person is up to before we move on and I forget.

At nine months now, Morgan has two teeth! The boys teethed much later than this so I was caught unawares! I had just finished telling a mother of a walking, eight-toothed nine month old that Morgan didn't have any teeth when I felt a new one cut as she knawed on my hand in the pool. She's still cruising around the apartment, really likes to man handle a baby doll's eyes and hands. She's a soft toy and ball junkie. As I write this, she has pulled herself up to inspect her toy bin. I love how she crawls to come get me to say hi with her way of hugs and slobbery kisses. Babies are just one of my favorite things!!!

McKay - I really need to potty train this kid! The other day I could tell he needed a diaper change and asked him to come on over. He replied, "No mom. Set your timer for 3 hours an' den my poopy will be done." He was in the middle of playing, so I asked if he meant in three minutes. He gave me a down browed frown and scolded me, "No! Three hours!" I'm still debating whether or not I like him being in German kindergarten because he needs no help becoming assertive. Kindergarten gives him the outing/playdate he craves and MAKES me get out the door each day and interact with my neighbors and elements. It's a love-hate thing I haven't fully processed.

Easton - Watch my moves! Fascinated with Kung Fu Panda some time ago, he's lately taken to having us watch different air moves like balancing poses, punches and kicks. Ryan's coworker teaches a twice weekly Tai Kwon Do class at the fitness center on base so we thought we'd give it a try. Easton LOVED the first class and it was so cute to see such concentration on his face as he intently followed directions. Not so fun was keeping McKay and Morgan out of the way after the swimming pool excursion in a HOT upstairs room!

We'd love to do a team sport like soccer for Easton but we'd miss Saturday games with our frequent traveling. I was actually more reluctant to do a sport because I think full day kindergarten beginning in September will be enough of an adjustment for Easton. I could totally be over-thinking this, but I tend to cling to the less-scheduled life while l can! I think I'm raising happy home bodies, but do they want to be? I just love seeing how happy my lil' ones are when we return to their stomping ground, it's bliss.

Here's some recent pictures of fun we've had on the homefront.

Mason and Sammy came over to play one day and they all had a great time!

Our attempt at doing sprinklers in the jungle, uh - I mean, back yard. I bought the dumb sprinkler but it doesn't attach to the hose so Easton has to hold it together. He actually enjoys holding it together, but I think it's partly to terrorize McKay with the element of surprise.

In Heike's backyard the boys were avoiding Mason and Sammy's splashes. Easton recently told my mom that his favorite place in Germany is Mason's house! Too true! I wish I was better at getting together with Heike's family because we have a great time!

Morgan and Liam (7 mos) splashing in the pool. They are so cute to watch together! I have no idea where I inherited this swim suit for her but it's been fun to have something to put her in!

Ryan is steadily running to prepare for his September marathon in Berlin. I think he said he did a twelve mile run yesterday during his lunch hour?! I'm so impressed! He's still teaching Gospel Doctrine and may I brag for a moment about him? A member of the Primary Presidency pulled me aside last week to tell me her friend was gushing over Ryan's teaching. She's married to a non-member and they often fight on the way home from church over what gets taught in this Sunday School hour class. This friend was so pleased with how Ryan conducts the class and was able to stick to doctrine. Ryan admits this is the hardest thing about teaching this class and is trying to make a very conscious effort to live up to that compliment. I just wish I was able to attend his class and see him in action - I love hearing him teach the gospel! He was raised by faithful, intellectual LDS stock and what a blessing!

And me? In seven months I've already exceeded previous year's blog posts due to all these new travels and experiences. Beyond the normal mom routine of trying to hold the house and everyone in it together, I've been trying new recipes (mostly Indian), started walking more regularly, and am loving my attempts to delve into European history through biographies of notable women. I finally finished my bedtime reading of "The Life of Elizabeth I" which took four months to get through 500 pages! I also just finished "Marie Antionette: The Journey" as an audiobook and really enjoyed it. I felt like it was really well-written and was a good intro to how royal life was led in a time of great transition and revolution. Sad end to the story and interesting how the press vilified her to her death. Now I'm trying to read about her mother, Maria Therese the determined Austrian Empress. I frequent the library every couple of weeks to stock up on whatever audio books look interesting so I'm never without my daily cooking and kitchen cleaning entertainment.

After a lot of recent outings and some less than stellar mothering, Ryan knew I needed a break. He gave me the day off on Saturday! I'd felt a bit penned in by my routine, car-lessness, and travels with children. So I ran errands and browsed to my heart's content without children, the survival kit of diapers and food and with no respect to time, feedings, or nappy schedules. It was great. I scarfed down a sandwich while listening to a sappy Nicholas Sparks audio novel. I got kinda lonesome wishing Ryan could be shopping and running errands with me because I like his company and his input. So I got home "early" at 7 and he'd made dinner! Dad's meatloaf and mashed potatoes - YUM!!! And now I'll go help myself to some more of his apple pie!