Monday, June 8

Where Am I?!!!

I'm not really a techie, by I married a guy who loves gadgets and gets a hankering for a new one at least once a year. A couple years ago when Ryan ran his first marathon, his bosses gave him a brand new iphone. We've grown quite accustomed to this gadget and I've coveted it for quite some time now, although I'm not a huge phone user. It's all about the features!!!

I took that first new iphone on my birthday day out back in 2007. I think I posted about it. I used that phone to call and check in with Ryan. I took pics with it on my shopping spree of things for our house that I liked but didn't want to buy without knowing Ryan's opinion. I remember using the internet function to check prices on a few items. I was in heaven, not only because I was a free woman for a day, but that was one useful gadget! Here in Germany, I use the unit conversion, map, and weather tools a lot when it's around.

Ryan and I just saw a news clip about a new compass feature on newer iphones! A map lover, I have always loved how many cars have your direction on the dash somewhere. I don't know what it is about being in Europe but I can't seem to get my bearings! I continually feel like I've surfaced from a metro stop in New York or DC. It's very disconcerting!!! I've always kinda prided myself on my sense of direction and use of the sun to get my bearings. I have to wonder if I've always lived in homes that primarily faced either north, south, east or west. Or is it how most US zoning for home building is done? Here in Germany, our apartment faces northeast which really throws me off. Growing up, the house faced north. I spent my college years in Utah and with those gorgeous Wasatch mountains in the east, you always knew where you were. Our town home in Virginia faced east and I loved having the morning sun in the kitchen, but once I hit the roads I was easily lost since streets change names and wind around this way and that.

I know my Dad will enjoy this next statement. It seems the further East I go, the worse my sense of direction becomes. I don't mean this as some large metaphor, it's all about that internal, literal compass. Does anyone else feel their internal compass is out of whack? Is it a post-pregnancy thing? Perhaps shell shock from our quick move so close to just having a baby? Or is it just that the perfect North-South grid layout of my youth set me up for disorientation in the wider world? I don't get it because Ryan's sense of direction doesn't seem to have been affected.

I'm telling ya, that new compass feature along with dropping the price really are silly selling points for me! Now I just wish the service plans were more affordable AND that these European versions allowed the web functions to work continent-wide since we're in travel mode! In my perfect world . . .