Monday, June 8

Home Again, Home Again, Jittity-Jig

The kids and I in Versailles' Hall of Mirrors

We rolled into town around 5pm tonight, officially concluding our family trip to Paris. Our maiden voyage as an entire family in the minivan! Well, I mean as in a long distance trip anyhow - about six hours. I'm sold! The kid's had their dvd player in the back watching a Scooby Doo flick over and over while Ryan listened to Angels and Demons. I was in and out as usual, but loved having the option of sitting next to Morgan to feed or entertain her or sit up front with Ryan. I'm all about options!

I think that Morgan was the happiest to be home! She spent two hours surveying her stomping grounds on the homefront, literally not caring where I was. When I rolled up the roulunds (exterior window blinds) in the playroom, she actually squealed with delight and crawled her little bug of a self on in. Ryan and Easton headed off to catch the last showing of "UP" on base as promised while McKay continued his nap in bed. We really wear our kids out on these trips trying to see as much as we can with late nights! I started unpacking and doing laundry, listening to a new audiobook, and then viewing our trip's pictures.

It'll take a bit of time to sift through the 550+ pictures, but I have finished writing up yesterday at the Louvre and just need to attach pictures which is my least favorite chore when posting. ARGH, it just takes so long to upload and place them!!! I'm so sad to realize we ever got a picture of all of us together. I was able to jot down memories of our entire trip last night when Ryan called his mom. They'd made a trip to France last fall and Ryan was just like a little kid reporting on a fun day at school!

Our accommodations were very basic, a studio apartment on the Champs Elysees, close to the Arc de Triumph. I must say we're sold on the VRBO site forever now. It's worldwide Vacation Rentals By Owners at Here's Morgan enjoying the fresh air out our windows after somehow navigating the sheer curtain. Traveling with a young family is so much easier and cheaper when you have your own kitchen and laundry! And we've usually found it to be cheaper than staying at hotels. This place was small, but considering we only slept and ate breakfast there before heading out from 9ish-midnight typically.

We lucked out once again with the weather! I can't get over how much cooler Europe's weather is! I can't remember the last time I needed a jacket every day in JUNE!!! Ah well, I'm not complaining since I'm not a fan of being hot. Good thing I remembered the sunscreen! Even with it, we all had nice sun-kissed faces which looks real cute on my lil ones and my man.

Alright, posts with pics are coming - I promise! Stay tuned!