Tuesday, May 12

What's for dinner?

No, I promise it's not this. This is that butter with cinnamon toast topping "shammich" McKay so proudly made himself last week. So gross and yet so cute. He was so sad I wouldn't let him eat it, he loved it's aroma so much!

You gotta love when your hubby calls home and asks what's for dinner. (Groan!) But then, hold your breath and praise the heavens! He just wants enchilada leftovers! YAHOOOO!!! Jump for joy . . . or just grin on the cozy couch. Ahh, that slaving away paid off yesterday! I love my man!

Neither one of us wants to go grocery shopping. Tomorrow we pick up the van being gifted to us and will be once again, a two car family. No excuses any more on the dinner question. But I've got my list from yesterday of possibilities - chicken satay, french dips, taco bake, chili and corn bread, fajitas, chicken tarragon, lasagna . . . and so on. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be up for gettin' down to business!

Today has dragged on. We were up late and we've got this ugly blah indecisive weather that makes you want to just cozy up for movies and junk food all day long. But then the dishes, kids, and laundry still need tending to and so I vacillate between being grateful for being able to be home having a blah day and feeling stir crazy with kids climbing the walls. Until McKay comes up out of the blue and says, "Mom, I love you" while Morgan finds a thank you note needing to be mailed and I notice she's eaten half the envelope. But she's one happy lil' muncher! Here's last week's diet de dirt and fresh greens courtesy of her inquisitive brothers who knocked the sprout off it's sunny window ledge . . .