Monday, May 11

Monday rambles

Ryan bought a scale on Saturday. I have a personal dislike of scales and don’t care to own one - ever. Having one around makes me want to use it and why disrupt my blissful oblivion when I know full well what clothes do and don’t fit. That's my true gauge. Why ask for a heartless second opinion that puts a quantifiable number to the state of things? Besides, weight fluctuates five or so pounds a day and we all know when the “good” time to weight ourselves is. It’s just a ritual of self-deception and/or realism I’m just not up for on a regular basis. 'Nough said!

I did partake in the family activity of stepping on the scale. Mostly because I could pretty much guess where I was after losing a bit of weight from my UC flare. Ryan’s been running again and hopes to run the Berlin marathon in September. As we've sorta watched "Biggest Loser" (I think it's actually a previous season), you see how men are able to drop numbers - why is that?! The boys love any gadget so it was fun for all. Ryan then took the boys on down to the neighborhood park while I got a bit of uninterrupted cleanup done. They brought back fists of little yellow field flowers that I like to call buttercups – maybe I should google them. But then if I was wrong I’d be sad and still want to call them buttercups. Just minutes later as the boys enjoyed a bath, we got a kick out of watching Morgan press her face against the window watching her first rain/hail storm. The boys loved the thunder and lightning.Today I have spent the day browsing recipes I’d like to try. I haven’t been very good at cooking regular meals lately, I never am when I get sick. Now that I'm on the mend, my appetite and energy is back so watch out! Because Ryan left me with a clean kitchen last night, we had a very laid back day. The boys have watched a movie, played off and on with the play-doh, set up a few train sets to play, tortured and played with Morgan. Easton came down with pink eye on Friday so we’re quarantined. (Actually a nice Mother’s Day gift to go to church with just one child and leave Ryan home with the baby and sick kid!)

Today I can’t seem to stay away from the outrageous brownies Ryan made me Saturday night. These babies are best after a thorough resting, not eaten right out of the oven. They are restaurant dessert quality, not the cakey box mix type!!! I’ve tried to be good today by just taking a fork sliver now and then, putting them back up high, but they just keep beckoning and since they were made for me out of love I just want to be sure they are fully appreciated! Yeah, uh, that’s it! ohhh, sweet chocolatey goodness in my mouth! More please! And pass the ice cold milk!

Morgan is mobile. She’s been scooting around and later last week began her treks from room to room. She’s been up for over and hour now and I hadn’t heard her for little bit. A quick glance in the other room confirmed my horror. The bathroom door was open. Ewwwww! There she was on the floor between the garbage can and the Euopean tankless toilet. She was perfectly content with a wad of toilet paper in her happy little hands, shredding it to pieces. Bath time, lots of soap and warm water. Ewwwww! Back to the floor to play until it’s naptime.

Ten minutes later after her tour de living room is complete, she starts to fuss and whine. I look over to see her with her head on her hands rubbing her little face. Nap time! I scoop her up and take her to look out the window while holding her so close so I can kiss and inhale her clean baby soap smell. She settles in, content to be practically eaten by me. Ahhh babies are delicious!!! Well, when they aren’t devouring toilet paper in the bathroom that luckily I’d cleaned real good on Friday.

And now she’s down and enchiladas are on the menu. Payback to my wonderful man for the fabulous pizza he made me for Mother’s Day and reason to use that avocado who has also been calling my name! Back to the pizza introduced by my brother Chris into our culinary repertoire. Hand made crust baked on a heated corn meal stone, Italian sausage, pepperoni, mozzarella, romano, feta, fresh parmesan, red and green peppers, carmelized onions, roasted garlic . . . be still my soul! And Ryan did ALL the cleanup!!! I love my man! All this good food – that scale sure won’t be seeing the likes of me anytime soon!