Sunday, May 3

Restful Sabbath

With Sunday intended to be our day of rest, I'd love to see a show of hands from the ladies in the room who can attest to this being a true statement in their lives. No hands, eh? Huh. Who'd a thunk. Here's my snapshot of today and I must admit it really hasn't been a doozy for which I am very grateful!

0400 Yes, that reads FOUR A.M. !!! Baby gurgling happily in her crib. Again. Which means not only is she waking up to eat, but she has decided it's morning and will want to play afterwards rather than slink back into blissful, full tummy slumber. Argh!!! After her bottle, I let her play on the playroom rug with some toys while I "napped" on the couch intermittently. Now-a-days, Morgan is scooting around to her heart's content and has crawled a few times even. I sure love that lil' body getting up in the crawl position and rockin' to her "music on the inside"! She finally went back to bed a little after 6, to which I overslept until 7 so I wouldn't be a complete bear today with church at 9. I still wish I could reverse me and Ryan's selective slumber hearing so only he heard her waking in the wee hours.

0830 Family of five out the door dressed in Sunday best and miraculously, no one is screaming!

0930 Morgan has exhausted me of my bag o' tricks in sacrament meeting - bottle, toys, tummy time, holding her up against the pew so she can smile and coo at everyone behind us. We are quickly approaching those months in church where you begin to count down when they'll be 18 months and can go to nursery! She'll be very mobile soon and luckily that will coincide with the premiere distraction in the mommy arsenal at church -- finger snacks.

0940 Morgan and I standing at the back of the chapel doing the baby sway. McKay kept joining us uninvited and with his thumb in mouth joined the baby sway.

1015 Hand Morgan off to a dear kindred soul who wants to entertain a cranky baby during Sunday School so I can go to Primary and Ryan can teach his Gospel Doctrine class.

10:20 Find and chase Easton and McKay in cultural hall/gym to escort them to class.

1100 Apprehension. Two boys heading into what has become my perfectly small primary class of attentive young ladies who ask thoughtful questions and enjoy engaging in gospel discussions. The primary president saying, "Would you mind having (boy #1) in your class today? Don't allow him to sit next to (boy #2) under any circumstance! If they give you any problems, just send one of the girls to get me immediately!" Boy #2 apparently only comes once a month because of family things. It wasn't too bad, but heavens blessings be upon grade school teachers of this age group! Love 'em all, but putting boys and girls together at this age is just asking for ostentatious displays of young machismo and feminine cheekiness to ensue before they're even in their seats!

1135 I had to giggle when Boy #2 called out Boy #1 for "letting a girl teach" him the answers to our scripture chase. Having been introduced already to boy #2 and knowing he is home schooled by his fine mother, I just turned to him quietly and said, "Hmmm, aren't you taught by a girl every day since your mom is your school teacher?" A moment's pause and he countered, "She's not a girl, she's a mom."

1500 A bit of Sabbath slumber interrupted by a certain blue eyed baby. After a tired groan, said baby was smothered with kisses and fed. Read my lesson for next week while boys began watching Swiss Family Robinson because I'm in a classic Disney mood. Wish I had Disney's "Toby Tyler" because every kid wants to run away to the circus, have a chimp named Mr. Stubs become their best bud, and befriend a cute girl who does tricks on trotting ponies!

1600 "Mom, I made it!" exclaimed McKay (3). Hmmm, do I want to know what "it" is? I know he's in the kitchen and he's hungry. I get up from playing with Morgan and he says, "Mom, will you cut it? My shammich." I'm curious because I know he can't get the peanut butter down by himself. Hmmm. He had indeed made a sandwich and was very proud. I think Ryan had left two pieces of toast in the toaster which McKay had used. Then he had slathered on about a half inch of butter, on each piece of toast, and poured the contents of the cinnamon/sugar shaker on top of the butter layers. Creative, but made my stomach turn! And butter and I are quite tight buds.

I started coming up with alternative snacks to which McKay held his "shammich" plate up to his cheek and said, "But I want it" as if he were longingly asking for and cuddling a cute puppy. Ah he cracks me up!

What did not crack me up was all the dishes waiting to be done from last night's yummy dinner and cookies Ryan had made. And if you've seen Ryan cook, you know he doesn't skimp on using as many bowls and pots as he can. After dinner we did baths, Sunday clothes/bag prep, and final lesson preps instead of kitchen cleanup which sadly isn't uncommon for a Saturday around here. So it is that on Sunday, it's a rare occurrence for me to fix elaborate meals unless we're entertaining - partly because of the mess, partly because Sunday is my "day of rest." For some reason, avoiding kitchen cleanup on Sundays constitutes my "day of rest". I do groan on Mondays having to tackle this big chore, but somehow taking a day off from this one thing is all that's in my arsenal. I mean, I can't very well take a day off from changing diapers or feeding little ones could I. But remove those two items and cleaning house (and meeting all Morgan's needs at whatever hour), and you have my perfect Mother's Day! (Hint, hint Ryan - hahaha) Oh, well if I'm making my wish list I guess I can't forget to include a request for a spa treatment gift certificate. This post didn't begin as a wish list for next Sunday, but it sure has come in handy! (I hope!)

1840 Boys have now had crackers and cheese, applesauce and chips with dip for "dinner." Good thing Ryan made them a good lunch after church so I don't feel guilty! Morgan is rolling around tearing up a promotional pamphlet from a video game because she loves that crackling paper! Now, what will I eat for dinner? Leftovers again? Perhaps. Heaven forbid I lift a finger and derail this day of rest!