Thursday, May 7

Eight things . . .

My cute pregnant friend, Samantha of Compound Eye of a Dragon Fly, tagged me and I love these lists for some reason. They're like bite-size journal entries. Even better, there were only four questions! Totally doable, right? And yet, my tag reply post was interrupted, which is rather common in my current stage of life, so rather than update the tag with today's goings on I'm using yesterday's.

Here's how to do this 8 THINGS thing:
Mention the person who tagged you.
Complete the lists of 8's.
Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends.

My doctor calling back with a good prescription
Outings with my family w/o being sick
Finding yummy chicken curry or pad thai recipes - anyone???
Morgan sleeping through the night – HEAVEN HELP ME!
Cute shoes arriving via mail!
The sand in our grass receding away
Finding Velcro shoes McKay can put on by himself
Going to the temple again

Packed up the family at 7:30 to drive Ryan to work
Drove our minivan for the first time
Showed up for cancelled visiting teaching and had a blast chatting with Emily anyways (THANKS!!!)
Took the boys for haircuts and to find a birthday party gift. Only the haircuts happened, don't ask.
Let the boys get gelato - bribery alive and flourishing as a parenting tactic for this mom.
Felt exasperated not being able to talk to my doctor!
Finally saw “Twilight” movie
Laughed at my own joke to myself about Ryan being on a “Man Date” with guys from work

Keep a spotless house and enjoy the process
Better pre-school my kids
Show all my family how often I think of them and love them
Be more handy around the house
Have a green thumb
Feel like cooking dinner every night
Follow more promptings to extend myself
Not have ulcerative colitis

8 SHOWS I WATCH(ed before only having 8 channels):
Jon & Kate + 8
Amazing Race
The Office
Pushing Up Daisies
Phineas & Ferb
I can’t even think of 8?!


By the way -- all is good on the health front. Doctor contacted and issue is being worked on. No problemo, folks! This post is coming to you while Morgan and McKay nap and Easton attends his first German birthday party. He's very excited to eat cake! I hope that's part of the party plan! Before the party today he "rested." This means he just wandered around the house playing with this or that. Lately he'll tell me or McKay that he had a long day at school or he's tired because he worked really hard making friends. Cracks me up! I do know it's taxing on his little bod being surrounded by all these German speaking kids and trying to communicate. I'm very proud of him!

As for the party, a beautiful little girl turning four in his class asked him to her birthday party. He didn't even know who she was. I told him it was the girl he was playing with that day. When I had picked him up from school and the teacher translated the invitation for me, I watched him for a little bit in the playground. He climbed under a big plastic covering as if he were climbing under a rock. This cute little girl, Madeleine, was just following him around doing everything he did. When he climbed under the cover, she lifted it and he climbed out. He didn't even look at her the whole time I watched them. It was as if she wasn't even there to him. He was completely oblivious to her existence!!! I ran into her mom on our way out and she asked if Easton wanted to come to Madeleine's birthday party. She said Madeleine talks about him all the time. I'm still laughing - can you tell?! If this little story foreshadows the future, I'm totally fine with that!