Monday, May 25


Back when Ryan was doing his MBA at George Washington, he did a two week travel study to Budapest and Prague. He has loved Prague ever since and has been excited to show it to me. We were able to leave Easton and McKay with a great family this Memorial Day weekend and Morgan had the parentals to herself.

As we drove the five hours to Prague, I was continually awed by the beauty of European countryside. Lush green forests and rolling farm fields with red roofed villages nestled here and there centered around tall church steeples. Somewhere along the scenic drives, I fell victim to maternal narcolepsy. It happens to me quite often when I am confined to a seat with nothing or no one demanding my attention. Must be hereditary, I've witnessed my mom crash too many times to count, but she had at least seven more reasons to need any rest she got! We listened to a Star Trek audiobook based on the latest movie now out which Ryan enjoyed seeing last weekend. Not a Trekie, it was fun to listen to even though I was in and out.

Once we arrived and checked in, I strapped Morgan into the BabyBjorn and off we went to explore and find good eats! Where did we eat, you ask? These are the important questions to ask because when on a vacation without children, this is one of the best parts! Am I right, or am I right?

We made our way through Old Town and across the Charles Bridge. Ryan was told of a good Mexican place by a coworker and we were hankering for a taste. Mexican? Why yes, Mexican! It's been much too long and Stuttgart has no good Mexican food. It was 10pm Friday night and it was GOOD! Fresh fixin's with tender, well seasoned meats at the Cantina. It was so good we went back for late lunch the next day!

Prague is a great walking city and boy did we take it by storm! We walked ourselves all over Prague, enjoying beautiful weather and the ability to hoof it. Aren't these mortal bodies amazing things?! We marched up hills to see castles and monasteries. We climbed up towers to overlook the city. We traipsed down vineyards and through winding streets. Prague boasts quite the mix of architecture styles often side by side - real old medieval, Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque, Renaissance, Art Nouveau . . . made me wish I remembered more of the finer details from my BYU Intro to Design class, but we sure enjoyed taking it all in nonetheless. The main attractions as well as out of the way treasures are easy to take in on a weekend getaway and I've discovered many new favorite sights. It was a great thing to be able to stop and read at exhibits, especially the half day we spent in the Jewish Quarter.

May in Prague marks a month long music festival where almost every cathedral and church holds daily concerts and lots of performers take to the streets. For a lighter dinner that evening, we grabbed a pizza, chocolate trifle and bowl of strawberries at a little street side cafe where two violinists serenaded the crowds. Morgan munched on my paper placemat although we're working on honing her culinary tastes. Of all the performers, I think Ryan most enjoyed the marionette demonstrator who had her Pinocchio totally rockin' out! This little marionette could have competed with the best of the "So You Think You Can Dance" contestants! It was amazing! Quite the variety of talent in this old city!

We ended our adventures with a lovely dinner atop the Hotel U Prince. It overlooks the famous clock tower square. We wistfully watched the sun set slowly, glowing upon the beautiful city of Prague as we ate fresh creamy asparagus linguine, creme brulee and a chocolate torte. We also tried a couple fruity drinks which were quite delicious given our long warm day walking. Morgan was so exhausted she spent much of the meal flat on her back on a padded chair next to me babbling away playing with her feet or gnawing on a melon. Ahhh, the life of a traveling baby!