Thursday, February 26

A Thursday

Trying to finish the task at hand this afternoon – finding final resting places for the kids’ clothes in a land of no closets! I shooed the boys outside so they wouldn’t wake Morgan and continue to drive me crazy with their rowdy energy.

The soccer ball and cones were in the shed which scared them because of a big spider web. They came whining to me that they couldn’t get the ball because of a spider . When asked if they saw the spider yet, Easton said he hadn’t but he could be anywhere and get them!

Since Easton had once again put on his Indiana Jones getup rather than his warm coat and hat, I said, “Indiana Jones isn’t scared of spiders, only snakes. And you’re Indiana Jones so you’re not afraid of spiders either, right?”

“Well, . . . I’m not Indiana Jones. Look Mom, [removes cowboy hat] I’m Easton.”


I went out and got the ball for them and kept an eye on how things progressed for them. Here’s the play by play:

Playing “soccer” only lasted a minute but the strategic setting up of the cones took at least three minutes. McKay slipped on a chunk of embedded snow in the grass and was just in tears, for only a minute til he realized he wasn’t wet or hurt. They started to think they wanted to come inside but I was struck with genius! “Boys, could you go stomp on the chunks of ice and then throw them into the ravine?” Sure, mom! They’re jumping off the stone wall stomping their hearts out. Then they picked up some sticks which instantly became swords to help beat the ice into submission or whack a few bushes here and there. Ah to be young and adventurous!

Tree whacking didn’t last long either so I ran and grabbed two empty spray bottles, filled them with real warm water to keep their hands warm and they got to work spraying everything down in the yard while fiddling with the nozzle settings. In the end, it didn’t help me finish my project but it sure was good to get them outside!

While walking home from school today, Easton told me that Indiana Jones belonged to a church, an old church. I asked if IJ went to our church and Easton said that IJ lived in a different one with a temple. I reminded him that we too have temples and he thoughtfully mumbled, “Mm, hmm.”

At dinner tonight I was telling Ryan about the conversations of the day and Easton piped up with, “Indiana Jones lives with the prophet in the temple.” Hmmmm . . . haha!

It’s been a week since Easton’s school Fasching party where they all dressed up like Halloween. Easton insists on wearing his Indiana Jones coat and hat each day still. It really cracks me up because each morning as he puts the getup on, he’ll say something to me like, “Mom, when Indiana Jones gets on the airplane, he does this [lift hat and look out “window”].” He’s all about IJ’s mannerisms which he picks up from the little video snippets in his Lego IJ xBox game.

This post makes me look like a better mom than I am. But I sure do love these cubs of mine!