Thursday, February 26

A Monday

I wrote the three days up on their respective day but didn't have time to upload my pictures and post on the blog until tonight.

Woke up a bit groggy. Trying to figure out how to get Morgan to sleep through the night since I’ve spoiled her since birth by letting her fall asleep eating. I was so disciplined with the boys and they slept through the night by 2 mos old. Morgan is now four months old which dawned on me this past Sunday! Where did the time go? Oh yea, I remember, we moved to Germany on short notice! It’s still messing with my brain!

(Note: I'm not really a girly bow on the baby's head type but when I put one on Morgan Jane's noggin Sunday for church, the boys fell in love with her "princess hat". They made sure it was on at all times or exclaimed to me when such tragedies occurred.) Back to regular scheduled program.

Now that me and kiddos are out the door at 8:30am all bundled up to walk Easton to his German preschool, I’ve resolved to take advantage of the time by going walking at least three times a week. The sun was bright today and the snow and ice have been melting allowing the sidewalks to be passable again so today was a walking day! I’m still figuring out all these winding streets and was determined to try and find a little market I’d seen last week to see if they have my favorite German cereal. It’s a Gourmet Musli with dried cranberries and cherries, vanilla yogurt chips, almonds and granola. I haven’t found it in the last four stores I’ve checked! I’m getting a little panicked because heading back to the Kaufland market below our old hotel is just not very convenient to park and run in!

On the way home (I set my timer for 20 min and head back a different way when it beeps), we stopped at a bakery for my favorite pastry thus far – the apfelrolle (the closest thing to Ryan’s apple pies I crave). Kinda offsets the purpose of me walking, but SHOOSH! I don't want to hear it - I'm still feeding two!

The lady gave McKay half a pretzel which til now have not been very enticing to me. I am a huge bread fan but have been trying to cut back for my UC’s sake. I took a bite and was smitten! They’re so much better than ones in the US! They’re so soft and light. McKay ate the whole thing although he did give me a bite now and then. He’d say, “That’s all, no more Mommy. It’s mine.” But he’d sweetly give me a bite anytime I asked.

Just about every window I pass has flowers in it and orchids seem to be the going favorite. I wonder if I could keep some plants alive in my kitchen window? I want to give it a shot as soon as I have time to track some down. I think having potted flowers and plants right above the kitchen sink might actually ensure their survival. We’ll see!

Today’s to do list keeps growing. I’ve begun our taxes, need to secure landlord insurance for our townhome in Virginia, nail down more details on a hopeful trip to Tuscany (Italy) next month, methodically reclean the kitchen and living room with perhaps a surprise sweep of my room, put away the clean laundry still sitting in the entryway from Saturday’s Laundromat run . . . and somewhere in there keep McKay entertained, Morgan sleeping and fed, pick up Easton, make lunch and dinner . . . we’ll just have to see what gets done today! People are more important than tasks right? Easy to say til you’re sitting in the midst of a daily-created sty!

Wishing you a fabulous, hopefully sunny day!