Tuesday, February 3

26 Random Things About Me

So much has happened in the past 2 1/2 weeks since we've moved into our apartment here in Germany. I don't even know where to start but I need to post something here or I'll lose my handful of devoted readers.

I've recently really enjoyed reading a few friends' Lists through FaceBook and loved them. While Ryan watched his favorite show "24", I thought I'd procrastinate unpacking/organizing boxes and do my own list.

Here's the Rules of what I chose to do when I was Tagged: Once tagged, I am supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about me. The last one hit me after I initially posted the 25 and it's rather important to me so pardon the departure. At the end, I chose 25 people on FB to be tagged. I had to tag the person who tagged me. If I tagged someone, it’s because I wanted to know more about them - but it limited me to only 25! Grrrr. I'd love to see this type of list from my parents, in-laws, and siblings mostest! (hint, hint!)

1. I've been made fun of many times for how I make sandwiches. From PB&J to ham and cheese, every bite must taste and feel the same! Spread to the edges, People!

2. I have a real hard time cleaning the kitchen or anything that will take more than five minutes without music or podcasts to listen to. If you have favorite podcasts, let me know!

3. I love music but hate to take time to select it or rate it. Recently discovered the Genius function in iTunes and love how it creates playlists for me! I like such a range of music that it's hard to select just one genre because it depends on my mood. I tend to gravitate toward easy listening folksy acoustic types if I can find it. Wish I knew more artists that fit that bill.

4. I also love color but never know what to say when asked my favorite because it depends on the season and the moment! I recently painted our new living room green so I can theoretically change decor w/ the seasons.

5. I'm a procrastinating decorator. I don't know how to shop for decor or put it together but know what I like when I see it all together. My visions of what I want either can't be found in a store or I can't afford it so I just keep putting it off.

6. I have always wished I could be a creative writer or storyteller. I do, however, really enjoy writing what I've experienced.

7. I have always had a hard time being on time or wearing a watch, but can't stand not knowing what time it is, especially when awoken in the middle of the night.

8. I love to read but have a hard time figuring out what to read. I rarely read a book unless it has been recommended to me. I don't like to walk into a book store or library without a list of books I want to read. Without a whole lot of time to read at this stage in my life, I don't want to waste my time on duds or trash. Lately I love well-written biographies, histories, and historical fiction, and young adult fiction. If you have favorite books, please let me know!!!

9. I love getting to know people, understanding who they are and what shaped their lives.

10. I have never liked going to popular artist concerts because of the crowds and I get tired of listening to the same person/style for that amount of time (with very few exceptions).

11. Two of my favorite random treats are semi-sweet chocolate chips with Costco's Spanish almonds (MISS THEM IN GERMANY!) or those versatile semi-sweet chocolate chips evenly placed on a layer of peanut butter on a graham cracker. Hmm . . . must have some right now!

12. If I were to do college over again, I think I'd most enjoy graphic design or even more, geographical information systems - I really like maps and wish I could find/create random maps for stuff I want to visualize.

13. I wish I was more of a tech geek, artist, or had some other real marketable skills. If I went back to school I'd minor in them.

14. I like having friends of all ages because all "kindred spirits" weren't just born in the 70s!

15. I hope to someday become a family history buff because I want to understand my ancestors and the events that shaped their lives.

16. I like to be comfortable so it's a rare event when I don't get into pajamas or sweats right after walking in the door.

17. I think my maiden name "Bare" helped me get a husband. When telling Ryan my last name, I'd started "helping" people remember my name by explaining, "ya know, Bare, like Bare butt." Not glamorous, but hey - none of my life is and it's all good!

18. I am way too non-confrontational, trusting, and have a hard time sticking to my guns when I need to. The dream job I thought I wanted - to be a UN pro-marriage/life/family lobbyist - just wasn't meant to be for many reasons. But I recognized early on in my internship that this personality trait and job don't jive at all! I'd just rather be nice than get my way with strangers. Wish I was that way with family more often!

19. My whole family teases me about how I sneeze and tease others when they do a "Tracie sneeze." Ryan says I always sneeze in threes or fours which he thinks is odd. Is it?

20. Being born and raised in the same town all my life made me itch to see and experience new places. I thought going away for college would satiate it but doing the BYU study abroad to the Near East only fanned the flame even though I also enjoy being a homebody!

21. Taking AP American History my junior year in high school became a defining year for me. I discovered that even though I wasn't the most gifted student, I could work, cry, and pray hard enough to hold my own among those that were. It gave me great satisfaction to know I could essentially do anything I set my mind to. My teacher off-handedly joked that because I was LDS, I'd be barefoot and pregnant by the time I was 19. There's nothing wrong with that if the right man came along and the time was right, but this lit a fire under me to get more education and experience before I began that stage of my life. I wanted to know who I was first and what I was capable of - a great asset to have on mundane mothering days. I am so grateful for the path the Lord has led me on - He truly has made more of my life than I ever could on my own! For heaven's sake, I'm living in Germany right now!

22. Birthdays have never really been a big deal to me so I apologize if they are for you and you feel I neglected you on your big day.

23. As the oldest of ten kids, I love to laugh with my mom over my young mom experiences and hear her say how glad she is that she's done with this or that! My mom put up with so much from us so I love to make her laugh and hear her honest empathy.

24. I hope to stop looking at holidays as more work added to my to do list and start making them opportunities to create fun memories as a family.

25. I hope to be like my mom and her dad (my Grandpa Bob) who take classes all the time for the love of learning something new.

26. There are three things in life I have truly, deeply yearned for: a best friend/husband, children, and to be learning exciting new things. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father that these have been His will for me in this life!

PHEW! I never thought I'd finish this!